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Hi Everyone,

What started as a small humble blog is now among India’s top beauty and product review websites. It would have not happened without our passionate team of writers and moderators who has worked hard constantly to make Wise She what it is today. Of course when a business grows, it expands in different directions as well, and this is why  Wise she has two more sub domains namely and besides the which you are currently reading.

We are now looking for writers at a larger scale  in the following areas:-

writers wanted

  • Fashion
  • Food And Travel
  • Weight loss
  • Baby blog
  • Beauty and makeup

Who all are eligible to be a writer on WiseShe ?

  • First and foremost, you should be passionate towards at least 1 of the above. If you love fashion / makeup / food / travel / fitness / babies, and are ready to express and share your knowledge with rest of the world, that’s enough.
  • A valid Photo ID proof . No scan, just take a snapshot from your cellphone camera and send it over.

What are we looking for?

Read carefully below, I believe it should clarify most of your doubts. Mind you we receive 100s of emails everyday and replying each of them is not an easy task. To reduce the work, we are clarifying certain critical points here only.

1) Open Culture : We believe in a free and open online environment. If you’re also working for some other blog / website, or even have your own, it’s fine. We don’t fear from competition and neither want to bully others.  After all we are hiring you as a freelancer and not as a permanent employee. All we want is the same dedication in your articles for WiseShe, as you show for other blogs.

Please note:If you have a blog its mandatory for you to have in your blog roll.

2) Integrity : Needless to say, we don’t accept copied posts – from the web, or from one of your own articles published elsewhere. Similarly, the moment your article is live on any of our blogs, it completely belongs to us.You can not re publish it any where else.You can not re use its pictures on your social network channels (FB / Instagram/twitter/G+) without putting link of your post with it.

3) Ownership : When your post is published, we expect you to love it and be proud of it. Promote it on your social network channels (FB / Instagram/twitter/G+). Also, be responsible towards the readers who read your post and reply to their comments / queries below the post.

4) Post Quality : If u rite in shrt hand thn v wnt acept the pst. 😛 Also, every post will be proof read by our team and if they find them not up to the mark OR lacking meat in the content OR having a lot of grammatical mistakes or any other issues, then they will be returned back. Post should ideally be 300 – 400 words long.

5) Picture Quality : Your pictures should be taken from a digital camera (preferably DSLR). Take crisp pictures. Also, add a little background to them – say a beautiful earring or a neck piece or some fresh flowers, whatever you feel will make your picture more interesting and appealing.

This is what we are looking for in different areas –

Beauty and makeup

We are always hunting for a good product and a DIY post. Post which you send should be detailed with clear product and swatch pictures. If you are good in eye makeup then your post will be accepted too.

Sample eye makeup post - smokey-gold-eye-makeup-with-urban-decay-palette

Sample product review posts by our writer and editor Zara –

  • MaxFactor False Lash Effect Pink Mascara Review
  • Argan De Luxe Oil Infusion Nutrition Mask review
  • If you believe the quality of your makeup / product review posts matches the above, then welcome aboard! We will not spend too much time / energy in correcting your posts so if you do not have good writing skills then this place is certainly not for you.
  • Latest launches and products will  always given preference
  • If you are doing an eye makeup look please make sure there is a picture of product used and small review with price of the product in the post.
  • Your post must be fun to read and not boring.

Baby Blog – As a mom or an expecting mom we have loads of knowledge and experiences to share with us. If you are fond of trying new recipes for your kid or you have a new interesting toy for baby in your house which can be reviewed or readers will find it interesting then you can send us a write up on it.

Write up can be on anything. Be it breast-pump which you really swear by or the baby shampoo which doesn’t hurt your baby’s eyes at all. Only thing we need is that post should be of interest and value to readers and not just some filler. You should just ask yourself whether you will be interested in reading the same post if it had been weitten by someone one else.

Here are a few baby blog posts

  • 20 Week Pregnancy Update
  • Funny Toy Baby Drum And Musical Instrument – One Year Old Games

Weight loss - Are you a fitness freak or have lost lot of weight or gained weight after being thin throughout your life? Or are you from medical field? then this blog is for you. We are looking for people who can review supplements or write about a diet which they followed and whether it worked or not .You can review weight loss blogs or fitness books also if you are fond of them.

Some of the articles which we really liked are as follows:-

  • Indian Vegetarian GM Diet – Day Two
  • How To Build Up Running Stamina


Are you fond of fashion and do not hesitate to get clicked? then this section is for you .We are looking for outfit posts for those who have an amazing dressing sense. You should be serious about the post and please do not send some of your random picture clicked in party. Outfits should be well planned keeping shoes, bag, color everything in mind.You will have to show us your accessories as well.

Here are some of the fashion posts we have –

  • Coral This Tuesday!

Food & Travel

Did you go to a fantastic luxury hotel  or  planning to visit one soon in India or abroad? Why not take some quality pictures of the hotel and  write your detailed experience of it.  We are always in hunt for quality travel posts especially which have city tour and hotel reviews. Also, don’t forget to mention the details on cost incurred, including the travel, stay etc. Post should be a perfect guide for someone planning his or her tour in that city / place.

If you can write a post covering any or few of the pointers you are good to go

  • Vacation destinations(Includes)
    • Cruising and Air Transportation
    • Local information
    • Travel necessities (i.e. Passports and other identification, medical insurances etc)
  • Travel apparel
  • Luxury Hotel which you stayed in

Payment for these posts are as follows :-

Price format (INR / $ for NRIs)

  • Makeup & Beauty – INR 250 /
  • Weightloss  blog– INR 200 /
  • Baby blog – INR 200 /
  • Fashion – INR 350 /
  • Food And Travel  – INR 250 /

* WiseShe being our parent website with a number of articles published everyday, if we find your post not top-notch, we still may publish it after some corrections, for INR 200 only.

Please send us your emails at


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218 thoughts on “Mega Hiring At Wise She”

  1. Payment changed to 250 ? That’s Great!!! Your pictures should be taken from a digital camera (preferably DSLR) DSLR ??? 🙁 🙁 🙁 I Think many of us don’t have DSLR 🙁 🙁

    1. Well! We increased the price because of this reason only ..If you don’t have the DSLR then payment will be previous one only or the post has to be really good .For example if you have taken effort in clicking the pictures, their is a fotd and language is fantastic then this is it ..We will pay INR 250 🙂

        1. oh got it……it sucks, my camera is the least expensive one available in the India market(guess what is it? 😉 ) and makes everything look 2X bad 🙁 but will try my best to capture really good pictures 🙂

        2. Read above again 🙂 If the post is worth it we don’t mind …you can check Zara post for it..She puts lot of effort in sharing knowledge, giving us interesting product , pictures and fotd are worth it .

      1. Yup, and for a student who has limited pocket money and unlimited desires, its terrific 😛 I’m so nervous! I’ve never written for a blog before

  2. Happy to get a chance to write for you….and yes my pics are all from DSLR…..sometimes hubby becomes gracious and clicks for me, nahi to main hoon na

  3. Anamika, to write for baby blog is it necessary to be expecting or be a mother? I mean I have a family of doctors nd i get to hear so many things about babies regarding their comforts & discomforts…but m neither expecting nor a mother? may I write for baby blog?

  4. Yeyy!! me really glad to be a part of this ^_^ will work harder for pics 🙂 btw I’ve Nikon L310 and work real hard for good pics :P, Do I really suck at pics 🙁 ??

    1. I won’t comment on everyone pics as its not me who is going to decide the review..we have set up ateam who will say yes or no for a post.

  5. Hey this is such a fantastic opportunity. I had a question though, I live in Germany and am interested in writing for you in the travel, make up and beauty categories. If the article is accepted, would the payment be done in euros? And keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. Hey anamika, I read your blog regularly. I have always thought of Contributing to your baby blog. My concern is, what topics should I focus on. Can it be anything regarding baby food, creams, medicine , toys?? I have a two year old, and being away from family right from 3 months I have handled the baby all by myself. So I have experimented a lot with my little one and would love to share my knowledge:)

    1. Baby food recipe, toys and games review, new art and craft which you bought for him..some creative thing which you did with him..New dresses which you bought from an online shopping site with a look etc etc…something which will add meaning to the blog..medicine wont be accepted as that article should come from a doctor only.

  7. :DDDD I am smiling grinning..laughing…giggling…. oh.. all emotions together…!!!! Best wishes Wise She. So glad I am a part of this blog. 🙂

  8. hi
    i am a big foooodiee …:) 🙂 and a good cook too.. .:P .. want to share my experience with all.. can i write for your blog??

    1. Don’t be sad Pritha :). We are looking at experience when you go to a restaurant like the ambience, service, cuisines available, parking, location, quality of food etc. You can later drill down to what’s the speciality of the restruant, is it worth trying , how expensive is the restraunt. Hope that helps 🙂

      I am already drooling thinking abt the piccy’s of the dishes 😛

  9. Great opportunity Ana…. Thanx… was thinking of getting a job…. should try my hand at writing….
    Are foreign products included..? Or only imported products and native ones…?

  10. Hi…I stay in USA not in India, can i also do the post. I want to write about Makeup and Beauty. I have my own blog and I wanted to make some new friends, so I believe this is a great opportunity:)

  11. woww, this sounds amazing, this would encourage many people out here to take more crisp and clear pics, great initiative, 🙂 I will try to take more clear pics :p n restaurant reviews sounds amazing.

    1. Taps, I am eyeing on you for your weight loss story 🙂 . You will become a bomb shell once you get your desired weight 😉

  12. Hi Anamika,
    I have a 14 months old daughter I am interested in writing for Baby Blog. But this is first time I will writing for blog so little nervous.

  13. This is amaging.!! Glad that I am a part of wiseshe already. Thanks to Anamika Di. I know how much effort she and other members puts on growing those blogs.!! Wish you all d best 🙂

  14. Glad to be a part of the family too 🙂 sorry been away for so long , exams and studying etc going on.
    how us everybody ?

    Ana can i start writing again 😀

  15. Hey it is really good …. I am Assistant professor in an engineering college, crazy and passionate about new products of makeup and skin care and most important is proud mother of 15 month old boy…I would like to write for both makeup and beauty and baby blog…will that be permitted..????

  16. Hi Anamika,

    Thanks for such a wonderful initiative.
    I have sent you mail regarding query on article which fall under “beauty and makeup” category.
    please send your response.

  17. I am 36 and want some products for acne and anti ageing.I also want to understand the process that after using facewash what should I use ,moisuturizer,sunscreen or some kind of cream.I do not have a oily skin but have acne.Please help

    1. Preeti It is always recommend to use a moisturizer after washing off your face. Be it a dry skin oily skin or acne skin. Although they have a certain ranges for diff skin types. Try The Body Shop Tea Tree range for Acne problem.

  18. Hi
    Would like to write for Baby blog and food n restaurant blog
    I’m a mother of twins n passionate abt trying food in diff restaurants

    Please provide details as how to send u the same

  19. Hi, I have written an article on travel- River rafting etc & mailed u. I was asked to make some changes & re submit. Post my final article I have not received any communication from you guys. I wonder If you have received the mail or not.
    Do reply.

    Thanks & a great initiative from your guys !!!

  20. I have a question. Suppose a review of (MUA desert rose blush) is already done, can I review it again or would that be not allowed?

  21. It would be great if I would be a part of your Team , Would love to learn something from you guys 🙂 . I have dropped in mail too 🙂 , Pls check , Waiting 🙂

  22. Hey Anamika, can a blogger write a guest post for your blog, I have my own blog. And can we publish the same post on our blog too! Thanks in advance!

      1. heyy anamika i want to contribute too on your blog but i am unable to send the mail as both yahoo an d gmail are nt recognizing your email id plz guide me . thank you

  23. Shirisha . Bheema

    wanna write for baby blog and weight loss… Will drop an email with the info.. Well how will be the paymment done.. will be thankful for the clarification. With regards.. Shirisha bheema..

  24. Dear ones, I have a lot of ideas and knowledge about baby caring that i earned from my grandamas! I wish to share that with u happily…Babes are angels treat and care them like anything!!!

  25. Hey! Are you guys still looking for new writers? I love makeup and recently bought some new products which haven’t been reviewd here yet, so I’d love to contribute. Do let me know!

  26. Hi ,

    am newly mom. and would like to write for baby blog as well as beauty section.
    Do you accept article on beauty box.?

  27. Hi,
    Are you guys discussing all cosmetics on the beauty blog or there would be some space for natural or home made beauty recipes too? Honestly, I am a cosmetic junkie. I just love to keep buying different skin care and make up products and try them on.
    But, somehow I have found out, make-up can never let you have that naturally glowing skin. Natural products work miraculously. So, I would like to share my skin and hair care formulas with you.
    Do let me know! 🙂

  28. Hey hi anamika….i wanna write some reviews regarding makeup,skin care and weight loss….should i shoot the articles at same email???

  29. Hi ana..i have wanted to review few products of lakme and i ve dropped yo a mail regarding it. Super eagerly waiting for ur reply

  30. I would love to write for wise she…I am a new mom and would love to share my experiences and I am a big fashion and cosmetic junkie…please do reply.

  31. hi, anamika, how can I begin writing for your blog? and do I just mail at writeforwiseshe@gmail along with the photo id and my bank a/c info or send the review and my information together on

  32. hi i would like to contribute for your website. . seems more interesting. . 🙂 and me being a person who keeps trying different products. . would like to know that do u accept hair care products reviews ? ?

          1. I wrote this:

            Trust you are doing well.

            I would like to write down an article for the baby blog. This will be my first article. How and what are all the things that you need apart from the main article? Let me know if you will need ID proof, photograph, etc. Secondly, is it important that the article needs to have a photograph or will it be fine if I choose not to have any? If it is compulsory, can we add personal photos of my own daughter?

            Thanks much!

  33. Hi,

    I have written mails to you regarding writing for your blog but didnt get replies.
    I love trying new makeup and skincare products.
    I know you must be a very busy team but I would be really thankful if I can get a reply. I want to write for your beauty blog

  34. Hi anamika….
    I use to travel round the year.
    And also crazy about discovering unusual places.
    But my accommodations not always be so luxurious.
    I went through your blog and like to be a part of it.
    May I????

  35. Dear Anamika,

    I had revert back to you that i am interested in writing for baby blog. but not received any revert from you. Kindly allot me article as soon as possible.

  36. HEY SWTZ.. 🙂

  37. Hello Anamika,

    I have sent one mail to you,Let me know when will you reply to me…………..

    Looking forward to the response!!!

  38. Hey anamika ..i would love to write for Wise She.. i have been a silent reader and i am in love with nails….and love doing nail arts !!out here nobody actually post regarding nail for a change i would like to contribute for the same!! waiting for ur reply … 🙂

  39. Mousumi Banerjee

    Is the job opening still open?
    Then I too would like to write for your blog.I am a mother of a two year old tot and have plenty of things to share.I have been writing for blogs since 1 year.

    1. Hi Anamika,

      Stykin is the latest Indian Premium Fashion Brand. We want to publish our articles on your portal kindly suggest us the procedure of guest posting.

  40. Hii anamika..
    I have been an ardant fan of wiseshe and I trust your reviews big deal.. I wish to write for your blog too and I hav a brand new idea which I feel us great too.. would you like to discuss here or over mail??

  41. Hi! I have my own blog and I would like to put a guest post together .. Can I do that ? Check out my blog and let me know .. My target audience is USA, Europe, Canada .. And have readers on over 105 countered and growing . I don’t want to be paid but doing it as a hobby… And also to Increase readership. If interested , my twitter Id is @talkerblogger and my blog is :

  42. Hi Anamika.. how are you ? 🙂 .. I’ve send you an article on a product review. Please let me know about it and Can I send more articles as well. I want to be a frequent writer for Wiseshe. Thanks 🙂

  43. Hi Anamika, I’ll send you a product review article. Plz lemme know will it get posted or not and Shall I continue sending articles as I want to be a part of wiseshe as a frequent writer. I have so many product reviews which aren’t yet done on wiseshe.

  44. I am a big makeup junkie. A total spend thrift when its all about trying different products. Have many empties…would love to share with you all.

  45. Hi anamika,

    I am interested in writing for fashion blog. I did send u an email as well but no response. Let me know if u still have opening for writers.


  46. should i send in an email if i am interested in being a part of the team? or do i send you a review of a product and then maybe if its good you could let me in? do revert! thanks!

  47. hey anamika i have been a secreat follower of your website , the articles and suggestions are really very good and carries enough of exprience and knowledge. Now i m too interested to write for this website , i have shooted you a mail couple of days before , i would be grateful if you give an reply or anyone from this team

  48. hello anamika i have been a silent follower of your website. this is very informative website and i have got an thirst to contribute my articles for your website. I have even shooted you mail , it would be grateful if you revert me back (or any other member of this team)

  49. Hi Anamika,

    I have sent you an email a few days ago. I love wise she posts and have been a regular follower since long. Please respond to my email.

  50. These articles and posts are very informative and for those people who concerned about their beauty should go for Skin Doctor in Indore that offers one of the modern techniques for skin treatment.

  51. Hi There,

    Hope you are doing great !
    Am working with Natural bath and body as e-commerce manager. Recently we have launched our new range & wanted you to review our products. My products are completely Organic & Natural also it is free from harmful chemicals like parabens & sulfates (we have not even used substitutes of sulfates). Apart from this we have kept very reasonable price to it & all the ingredients which we have used are very unique.

    Request you to share your mail ID & Let me know way forward .

    Awaiting Reply!

  52. kajori kataria

    Hello Anamika

    I have seen your post in first moms club regarding vacancy in wiseshe and sent you an email in your mail id.

    I am a fashion designer by profession but for last few years I am at home busy raising my little angel.

    Awaiting your reply.

  53. i am 21 years old , I hae oily skin, i dont have any problm with my skin, but i would like to use fairness cream to get more fairer, also i wanted to know that if fairness cream are better than home made facials, is ti necessary to apply.
    waiting for good and apprpriate replies

    1. Fairness creams will work only until you use them, their effect stop as soon as you stop using. Most of them are simply a layer on the skin that creates an illusion of fairness – like fair and lovely. Best would be to follow homemade stuff and that too in routine. Nothing works in 1st go and nothing stays if you stop using them.

      The best way will be to include them in facewash routine. For eg – we wash face every day right? why not take some gramflour mixed turmeric in hand rather than facewash and wash your face. You’ll see results starting from the 4th day (if used twice daily).

      Do revert if you liked the trick and don’t forget to check my YouTube channel. 🙂

    2. hello there…..
      It’s not necessary to have a fair skin. Every girl has different kind of skin tones. More concentration should be on “how to make our skin glowing”. All the fairness creams contain some kind of things threw which you can get more skin problems.There is no need to use fairness creams. Instead of that you can use some home made solutions for glowing skin because home made things are more fresh than fairness creams.
      as you said that you just have an oily skin, then i would suggest:-
      1. mix 2 spoon of multani mitti powder into cold water and apply its thick paste on your face.
      2. rub an ice cube on your face twice a day. it will remove extra oil from your face.
      hope my suggestion will be helpful to you.

  54. Hi Anamika,

    I am a follower of your website and i am much indulge in Fashion,Hair and Travel..

    Request you to inform me ,can i send you the Article with Picture and required info on

    Waiting for Revert.

    Amreen zaidi

  55. Hi ,

    I have sent the blog on provided email ID..however hv’nt recieve the revert..wanted to know will it be published or not?? or need some improvement..

    Kindly revert…

    Amreen Zaidi

  56. Hi

    Surfing the net and your website ( ) caught my attention. Really liked the site’s content and the best part found is similar to the site I’m working for.

    I would love to contribute a guest post, which is unique and written by an author with a great track record.

    The content, I assure, is free of plagiarism, fulfill all the terms and conditions, and will certainly educate the readers.

    In turn, we would request you to provide us Do – Follow Link for our website from the article.

    Eagerly waiting for your approval,

    Thanks & Regard
    james bailey

  57. Get rid from the old and messy way of coloring your hair,look young and party ready in just 5 minutes. NONI fruit based hair coloring shampoo. Ammonia free shampoo have the intense repair element in it that leaves your hair smooth and silky control’s dandruff and hair-fall.

  58. Hi Anamika

    I had been looking out for some opportunity of this kind, i am a big time beauty n fashionaholic
    have been collecting all brands of makeup and i love doing that too. Also very fond of wearing trendy
    and very in clothes <3 🙂

    i am looking forward to a response from your team 🙂


  59. Hello,
    I’m a writer by profession. I do writing on makeup, beauty, fashion, health and fitness.

    I would like to write for your website, please let me know if there is any hiring going on!

    Thank you

  60. Hi,
    I would love to write for your blog specifically about skincare and day’s . So are you still hiring ? Please do let me know.

  61. Do you provide your writers with the products or do they buy the products for themselves? I wish to contribute to your blog about makeup and a lot of other DIYs.

  62. Hello… I’m planning to buy mac face n body foundation…. I want dewy finish.. so can u pls suggest me m I buying a good foundation?? F u know any other pls suggest me

  63. Hello… I’m planning to buy mac face n body foundation…. I want dewy finish.. so can u pls suggest me m I buying a good foundation?? F u know any other pls suggest me …

  64. Hi anamika mam,

    I saw this post now and has send an email regarding the same
    Please check and revert back
    It will be a pleasure to work with you on wise she.

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Vrushali Gavali

  65. lalhriatchhungi

    i want to buy miss claire lipcream at a very cheaper price. where could i found it??
    can u plz help me…..

  66. Hi Anamika
    Are you still looking for writers, have a few reviews on premium cosmetics, let me know if you are still open for the reviews


  67. Hi,

    My name is Mason and I am from Universal Medical Aesthetics.

    My company is distributor and supplier of equipment related to permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation processes and we are considered leaders in this field of beauty treatments.
    I have been going through your blogs for quite some time now. I must admit that I am truly impressed by their uniqueness and in-depth details that are highlighted about the beauty industry. I have shared some of them with my email subscribers and the feedback has been overwhelming.
    For this reason, I would like to share our web blogs with you as well as contribute blogs on your site with back links to our website.
    I would like to get in touch with you to see if we can work out something on this common platform that we share.
    I am interested to collaborate with you on blog posts on the beauty sector that would add value to both our audiences.


  68. Hi Anamika,

    I am an avid reader and an enthusiastic follower of I’ve send you an article on a product review. Please check and let me know about it. I will be eagerly waiting to hear from you.

  69. Hi Everyone!

    mail writeforwiseshe@gmail is not working and we are currently not hiring .If you have some exceptional article or a product which you really want to write about then we can have exception .You can get in touch with me at


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