Whats Up 2018? A Personal Note To All Wise She Readers And A Surprise!

wiseshe new year

Whats Up 2018? A Personal Note To All Wise She Readers And A Surprise!

Hi Everyone! This is my first post of 2018 on WiseShe and I am little more enthusiastic today as there is lot happening at this side. I am super excited and nervous and what not! πŸ˜‰ Although emotional things are quite usual for me, I start my day as if I own the world :-p and during the day I go through various emotions like “what the hell” and then by evening I am again excited and then by night I go numb. πŸ˜€  Its like a bump which we see in the Hindi movies when someone is hospitalized. :-p But then I asked the same thing on my Instagram feed and I realize most of us are like that and I am not alone! Well, a lot of other things today in Whats Up 2018? A Personal Note To All Wise She Readers And A Surprise!

happy 2018!

New year Day Plan

Coming to New year day, as whole of Delhi was jam-packed and we dreaded going out because of the traffic. My cook told me that we were the only one who she is coming to cook for & rest whole of the society is off to somewhere! I didn’t know whether she was happy or sad about it. First I thought she should be happy as she has to cook less but then i thought it might be possible that she is upset, that why she is cooking for us also!! πŸ˜›

wise she 2018 surprise

I generally try to keep my staff happy (at least I think that way! :-p) don’t know what they think of me so I was afraid of asking her whether she is happy or sad about it.

So, first we finally figured out an awesome place near Gurgaon TAJ GATEWAY which is a nice resort with fantastic food & adventure and a lot of kid activities.

wiseshe new year 2018

We spent the whole day there and gave off to the cook. My daughter Anvika was also irritated to stay at home and asked me what are we doing on new year, considering there is just no friend of hers in the town. So finally I managed to keep everyone happy. πŸ™‚

wise she New Year getaway

wise she new year 2018

wiseshe new year

That’s  another thing that she was sad again while coming back home and irritated us like anything whole evening just because she wanted to watch stupid YouTube cartoons which is a strict NO from us!


Wise She Makeup Brushes

Coming to this whole package which you see, which by the way, is just a part of it! We at WISESHE are coming up with our own PRIVATE LINE and the makeup brushes are ready. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

They are exactly how I wanted them. It’s just that I need a bit more of last minute finalizing.

I have been working on this project since last six months and I hope it gets some sunshine. I am not aiming of the best of theΓ‚  sale or something, all I want is to bring something which I personally would like to use and which is not readily available in India or if it is then its at an excruciating price. It is something which I really connect to and would wish to visit foreign countries to get it. πŸ™‚

My purpose is to bring something really useful, beautiful and multipurpose into the market without comprising on the quality at all. πŸ™‚

I will keep you all updated through my Instagram and YouTube so be with me πŸ™‚

Dress: Mango (purchased from Jabong.com)




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10 thoughts on “Whats Up 2018? A Personal Note To All Wise She Readers And A Surprise!”

  1. Cngrts and Wish you all the best..hopefully for ppl like me who are still confined to basic lipstick and liner and think makeup brushes are way too expensive for the purpose which can be served by finger tips will reach out and accomplish that perfect finish which I atleast notice from the corner of my eye in in those parties looking at those pretty girls and just sigh..

  2. Congratulations n good luck dear
    Sabhi pics bahut acchi hain
    Aapke makeup brushes k barey me maine blogs n youtubers se suna tha, sabne hi bahut taarif ki hai waise bhi aise brushes bahut acche lagtey hain
    Once again Happy New Year n Good luck

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