Top 10 Rose Water Available In India

Top 10 Rose water available in India

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For ages rose water has been used in various skin care procedures and products. Rose water not only has a pleasant fragrance but also does wonders for skin and hair. Right from ancient day queens to modern day celebrities, rose water is omnipresent. For a modern day life, when pollution is at the peak, toning is very important to keep skin soft and hydrated. Though our markets are flooded with different toners, suitable for each skin type, rose water is one such product that suits one and all. And if you are one among those who love to use rose water, then this is the post for your needs. In this post we will compile top 10 rose waters available in the Indian market with a huge price range so that everyone can have their share of information. (Read How Helpful Is Rose Water For Eyes?)

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  1. Patanjali Divya Gulab jal / Rose water
  2. Ayur rose water
  3. Dabur Gulabari
  4. Vlcc rose water
  5. Khadi Pure rose water
  6. Banjaras rose water
  7. Oriflame pure rose water
  8. Fab India rose water
  9. Kama ayurveda rose water
  10. Forest essentials rose water
  1. Patanjali Rose water:

divya prakritik rose water

Patanjali Rose water is the cheapest rose water available in the market. It is totally chemical free and claims to be safe for the eyes as well. It has a very decent kind of packaging which makes it a great deal to buy at such a low price. (Read 5 Ways To Use Rose Water Other Than Toner)

Price: 30 INR for 120 ml

  1. Ayur rose water:

ayur rose water

Ayur is a household name in India and their products are there in the market for the longest time possible. One of the most underrated products, this rose water from Ayur is safe for your skin. Packaging is quite simple like any other Ayur products but in terms of effectiveness, this one is a steal.

Price: 30 INR for 200 ml

  1. Dabur Gulabari rose water

dabur gulabri rose premium

Dabur Gulabari is a well known household name that has ruled the market for long. Although it is not completely natural has worked on all skin types and has acted as a toner for all skin types. Packaging is really simple without any pump.

Price: 75 INR for 250 ml

  1. VLCC Rose water:

VLCC Rose water

VLCC rose water is a hydrating and refreshing toner for all skin types. It is also enriched with Aloe Vera which also nourishes the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. In terms of packaging, it is good and availability is there both online and offline.

Price: 85 INR for 100 ml

  1. Khadi Pure rose water:

Khadi Rose-water-reviews

Khadi is an Indian brand that produces completely vegan, no animal tested products. Their products are highly effective and herbal to the core. Packaging is very basic. But the only problem is availability which is only online. The rose water from Khadi is really pure and can be used both as a toner and in face packs. Also read How To Make Rose Water Facial Mask?

Price: 80 INR for 210 ml

  1. Banjaras Rose water:


Banjaras Rose water is a highly popular brand in South India and they have a variety of products on their shelf. The rose water from this brand is really effective and pure and can be used as a toner for all skin types. It is really inexpensive and packaging is basic. But the only issue is the availability which is again only online.

Price: 55 INR for 200 ml

  1. Oriflame Pure Rose water:

oriflame love nature

Oriflame pure rose water is one of the most used rose water by women of all ages. The packaging is really cute and girly and there is a pump dispenser too. Availability was a issue as it is only available from its sales agents till some time back, but now it is available online too.

Price: 130 INR for 75 ml

  1. Fab India Rose water:

Fabindia rose water

Fab India products are one of my personal favourites, to be honest. Price is a little higher than normal brands, this rose water is suitable for all skin types and can be used both as a face mist and a toner. Packaging is quite cute and upto the mark but the only issue is that this product is not completely natural. But when it comes to efficacy, it does a great job.

Price: 240 INR for 100 ml

  1. Kama Ayurveda pure rose water:


Kama Ayurveda pure rose water is one of the highest selling rose water today. This rose water is absolutely pure and is a perfect face mist as well. As a toner it is suitable for all skin types and can be used in various face packs as well. Price is on the higher side for a rose water, but it is totally worth the product. Availability is an issue as it is available only online.

Price: 250 INR for 50 ml

  1. Forest essentials pure rose water:


This is the best rose water according to me. Price is definitely on the higher side and the brand self proclaims that it is Luxury Ayurveda. This rose water by Forest essentials is free from any sort of chemicals and is a cruelty-free brand. Availability is online only, but the search and price are totally worth the product you get. This is the rose water for you if you want the best for your skin.

Price: 275 INR for 50 ml

And by this we come to an end. This compilation is for all as the brands are all trustworthy and price ranges from 30 INR to 275 INR. There is one for all of the readers. You choose whatever you feel like according to effectiveness and price. Your skin deserves the best always!


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