Top 10 International Makeup Brands

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Top 10 International Makeup Brands

All of us have heard the cult phrase first impression is the last impression and seriously, first impressions are there to stay, for long. May be this is the reason why people have started obsessing so much over looking their best. Strange but true! However I believe one should look best for his/her own self rather than to please other’s notions of beauty. May be that is just me, but yes, I strongly believe in it.

Whatever might be the reason to look our best, women have been seen to get all the more conscious in regards of their looks than men; and makeup plays an important role in their notion of good-looks. But in a world flooding with innumerous brands, and more cropping up each day how do we decide which ones are worth investing in?

Below I have put-down a list of top 10 international makeup brands (sans preference) which you must give a try

Estee Lauder

estee lauder translucent pressed powder+pressed powder

Estee lauder is by far the best makeup and cosmetics brand the world has come across. From its #1 selling foundations to lipsticks, shadows, liners, f=glosses and even moisturizers and sunscreens Estee lauder has set the mark of prime to be quite high for any company to follow.


MAC matte lipsticks collection

Abbreviated for Makeup Arts Cosmetics, M-A-C originated in Toronto and has now set up stores worldwide. A cult favorite with the celebs, makeup professionals as well as beauty enthusiasts, mac has something to offer to everyone. I would say mac never fails to please your makeup senses.


revlon vivacious balm review

The oldest and one of the most trusted brand revlon has never failed to appease with everyman’s needs. One of the most celebrated drugstore brands, Revlon brings out some of the most classical products, which are easy on the pocket, and deliver results quite equivalent to high end brands.


loreal paris skin perfect range

Talking about international top-notch drugstore brands, Loreal is a brand name which cannot be taken out from the list. Originated in France, this brand stands prestigious on the top rungs of the makeup industry, and is sold worldwide no exceptions here. Its foundations and lipsticks are to-die for.

Bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown Guava lipstick review + bobbie brown makeup

Bobbi brown is a diva none can deny that but her makeup line is all the more chic and has an assorted selection. The cream blushes, smokey mascaras, highlighters, concealers, correctors and eye primers are out of this world. And is slowly broadening its market we have 3 stores in India as well! Yippee, delhites and mumbaikars. 😉


clinique sunset lipstick

Clinique is, I would say, the only international make brand which looks into the needs of individual customers. You ask how? Well for starters it does not produce the same range of makeup worldwide. Say if it is producing makeup for Los Angeles market, it would curate specifically designed products, keeping in mind the skin conditions and climate of that specific area. I bet, none other brand does that.


Oriflame Blush

The most celebrated German cosmetic and makeup brand; oriflame has spread its wings almost worldwide by aiming to expand sales using door-to-door makeup services. You know those brochure things which people with oriflame franchise do; yea, I am talking about that. Plus, a part of their profit goes in charity; how much better a brand could get now?


Avon Simply Pretty Waterproof Liquid Liner

Another makeup brand which expanded its market internationally by using door-to-door makeup sales service is avon. They have wonderful products ranging from skin care to makeup and lip care and trust me, the products are quite cost effective. Plus, the quality and quantity you get from Avon is ultra-fantastic.


Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick Bubblegum

One of the most trusted Asian brands specifically from JAPAN Shiseido is the Holy Grail when it comes to Asian makeup market, especially in china, Japan and Hong Kong. This does not mean that they have not gained popularity worldwide, the only con is that they lack in advertising but those who know would agree to the impeccable quality of products it has to offer to its clientele.


lancome lip lover shades

Lancome is by far the best French based makeup brand that one can search for when in need for high quality makeup, which is safe on the skin too. The most prominent features of Lancome is that it delivers what it says and has an array of products for the clients to chose from.

So this was my list of the top 10 makeup brands internationally available.

What makeup brands would be your pick?


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