Oh My Name -Personalised Book For KIDS | Story Books For Children

Oh My Name -Personalised Book For KIDS

Hey everyone! There are so many interesting and creative books are available in the market. Over time, The typical and boring text books have replaced by innovative, eye-catching and captivating customised books which not only help in overall development of your child but also improves her/his skills effortlessly. Few days back, I came across the concept of ‘Oh My Name -Personalised Book For KIDS

‘ which I found really interesting.

Oh My Name -Personalised Book For KIDS

 The team of ‘Oh My Name’ creations contacted me and  told me about this book and they made a book for my daughter Anvika, which is a really special gift to her as she loved reading and drawing stuff so much.

Oh My Name -Personalised Book

All about Oh My Name-

Oh! My Name is a personalized children’s picture book. It is personalized using the letters of the child’s name. E.g. If the name is Naisha, the book will have stories relevant for letters N,A,I,S,H and A. If the name is Zayn, the book will have stories relevant for letters Z,A,Y and N. In a nutshell, it is unique book for every name. The book is most suitable for children of 2 to 8 years.

A child’s name has gone missing. The child, along with his / her new friend Dabi, goes on a journey to find his / her missing name. This personalised story book is a collection of short rhyming stories with relevant illustrations.

There will be a different story for repeating letters.

Who is DABI ?
In the book, Dabi is a friendly creature who accompanies the child in his / her journey. In real life, Dabi is a hand puppet which comes along with the book to make the reading session with your child more interactive and interesting.


Yes, each and every Dabi puppet is manufactured as per CE (Conformit Europene) guidelines.
My Thoughts on Oh My Name -Personalised Book For KIDS | Story Books For Children
First Look-
The cover of this page is really simple and cute. A cute little girl picture has displayed on its front cover with Bold white fonts of ‘OH MY NAME’. This book is basically a story book that comes with a story teller hand ‘puppet’ name ‘DABI’ who helps in finding the lost name of your child through a plot of story.
Inside the Book-
Inside the book, I found great pictures with cute story and tag lines. In the story, DABI ‘the narrator’ helps in finding the lost words of the child name in proper order. Each word of the name of your kid has a different story which really great. It is always a great idea to buy some attractive and creative things for your child which doesn’t feel like a burden to them.
My daughter Anvika loves this book so much and she adores the puppet ‘DABI’ so much. This is one of those kind of book which doesn’t just read and keep in the corner.This is more than a book and she’ll have the great memories of her childhood as she’ll grow up one day.
I would highly recommend this book to all the mommies out there. This is one of the greatest personalized kids book that your child will keep forever as a lovely memory.


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