The Miracle Plant Aloe Vera And Its 25 Uses

The Miracle Plant Aloe Vera And Its 25 Uses

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Aloe Vera is truly a miracle plant! It is easy to grow & can survive in almost any condition. In addition, it is not a difficult plant to take care of & does not need too much extra care. (Read Uses Of Aloe Vera )It generally grows in warm climate but can survive in cooler weather as well. You can grow it in your kitchen window or in your garden if you live in a dry and a warm climate. In India, it is available in almost all nurseries and comes at a price as cheap as Rs 50 if you decide to buy a baby aloe plant. It makes an excellent indoor plant as well if it gets the right amount of light.


How To Make Aloevera Gel

Simply stating, the pulp of Aloe Vera plant is called Aloe Vera gel. It is a thick substance which looks quite clear & is present inside the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant.When you liquify the pulp, it turns into a juice form. In addition, Aloe Vera oil is also an ingredient in many cosmetic products. Aloe Vera contains amino acids, vitamins,nitrogen, polysaccharides, enzymes and various minerals which make it one of the best herbs found with Mother Nature. Read 5 Ways To Use Aloe Vera For Face Care

Why To Plant Your Own Aloe Vera Rather Than Buying From The Market

The products available in market contain ingredients such as alcohol or mineral oil which generally dry out skin and leave it open to irritation and rashes. These ingredients do not let the skin reap the complete benefits of Aloe Vera. This is why fresh Aloe Vera gel is always better to use. In fact, it is five times beneficial when compared to the ones available in stores.

25 Fabulous Uses Of Aloe Vera

1. Reduces Spots & Blemishes: Applying fresh Aloe Vera gel on the face helps in reducing spots & blemishes. It makes the skin look fresh & clear.


2. Reduces Pore Size: Aloe vera acts as an astringent & it helps in tightening of pores. Simply take some freshly squeezed gel & apply on the pores. Leave it on for some time so that your skin absorbs it. Then, rinse & pat dry. Alternatively, you can even mix some Aloe gel & lemon juice & apply this mixture to shrink the pores.


3. Heals Rashes & Other Allergies: Aloe Vera possesses anti-inflammatory properties & it soothes the skin. Applying fresh gel on rashes & other kinds of skin allergies helps in the healing process.


4. Soothes Burns & Cuts: Aloe Vera gel also provides relief from minor burns & cuts. Whether it is a shaving nick or a burn while cooking, this wonder gel helps soothe the skin. In fact, you can also mix some Aloe Vera gel with Vitamin E oil and apply on the effected area twice a day. This will also help the burns to heal.


5. Makes Skin Soft & Smooth: Aloe Vera works as a great moisturizer! Although since it does not leave any greasy feeling behind, it suits all skin types well but it especially works wonders for those with dry skin. It works well on itchy & flaky skin & reduces skin inflammation as well. You can either apply the gel directly onto the skin or even prepare a homemade face pack using the same.

smooth skin tone

6. Works As A Conditioner For Hair: You can also use Aloe Vera gel to condition your hair. It makes the hair strong & nourished. In fact, it also encourages hair growth, if used regularly. In addition, make sure that you rinse your hair properly after applying the gel else the leftover pulp might cause irritation on the scalp.


7.Aloe Vera & Salt Scrub: You can also prepare your very own homemade scrub by mixing Aloe Vera & salt. Take 2 cups of salt,  1 cup of Aloe Vera ,1 cup baby oil and 2 tbsp honey. Put the ingredients in a bowl & mix well. Use this scrub to exfoliate the dark spots & patches on your skin. Massage your skin gently & rinse off after some time. Finally, apply some moisturizer to keep the skin soft & nourished.


8. Facial Cleanser: You can also make a facial cleanser at your home by mixing 1 part Aloe Vera gel, 2 parts Olive oil, 1 part rosewater and a few drops of Grapeseed oil. (Easily available in supermarkets). Once prepared, pour the mixture in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator.


9. Aloe Vera & Sugar Scrub: Homemade scrubs work wonders for the skin. They exfoliate the skin well & make it clean & fresh with the goodness of the natural ingredients. Simply mix equal quantities of aloe gel with granulated brown sugar. Then squeeze half a lemon into it & your scrub is ready to use!

facial scrub review

10.Prevents Signs Of Ageing: Aloe Vera also offers anti-ageing benefits & easily gets absorbed into the skin. It stimulates skin regeneration as well as the production of collagen. You can either apply fresh aloe gel directly on the wrinkles or in the form of a face pack along with other natural ingredients.


11.Eye-Makeup Remover: You can also remove eye make up using Aloe Vera. Since the area around your eyes is soft & delicate, it needs extra care. Simply refrigerate the Aloe gel for some time & apply it on cotton. Now you can use this to remove your eye makeup!


12.Helps Treat Dandruff: Aloe Vera, because of its soothing & anti-bacterial properties, helps in treating dandruff too! Simply mix aloe gel with lemon juice & you can use this mixture to massage the scalp gently in order to reduce dandruff. Alternatively, you can also mix aloe gel with tea tree oil to get rid of dandruff.


13. DIY Foot Scrub: Just like your face, exfoliating the feet is also important. In order to prepare an exfoliating foot scrub, take half a cup oatmeal and cornmeal(powdered corn) and then add 5 tsp of Aloe Vera gel to this. Your scrub is ready to use! While oatmeal will help to remove the dead skin cells, Aloe Vera will keep the feet moisturized.


14. Keeps Sugar Levels In Check: Drinking Aloe Vera juice empty stomach lowers blood sugar levels. It is very helpful for those suffering from diabetes.


15. As A Facial Mask:  Aloe Vera can also be used to prepare natural face masks at home whether it is for dry skin, oily skin, for tan removal or for treating pigmentation. For instance, if you wish to prepare a face pack to reduce acne, take some ground neem leaves & make a paste by mixing in some water. Now add some aloe gel & honey to this paste & mix well. Apply this face pack on your face and neck and let it dry. Then rinse off with lukewarm water & finally apply a moisturizer. Similarly, depending upon your skin needs, you can make different kinds of face packs using Aloe Vera!


16. Works On Brittle Nails: Aloe Vera gel helps in treating dry & brittle nails. It strengthens them & keeps them hydrated. Take 2 spoons each of aloe gel and witch- hazel. Mix them well & and apply on your fingernails. This will help make your nails healthy & shiny. In addition, this will also help to keep your nails protected from damage!

5 Home Remedies For Brittle Nails -01

17. Reduces Cholestrol: Aloe Vera juice helps to keep your cholestrol levels under check. It is known to decrease the levels of bad cholestrol along with increasing the good cholestrol. So, it works well to balance the overall cholestrol ratio.


18. Helps In The Process Of Digestion: Drinking aloe vera juice helps in providing relief from gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion. Intake of the juice cleanses the digestive tract & helps to detoxify the system. It also helps to alleviate acidity and inflammation in the bowel.


19 For Soft & Smooth Tresses: Dyeing the hair tends to make it dry & lose moisture. Mixing aloe vera gel in the powdered die before applying to the hair helps in fighting off this moisture loss from the chemicals & keeps the hair nourished.


20. Promotes Hair Growth: Aloe Vera promotes hair growth & also prevents breakage. Simply apply the fresh aloe gel on your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly to notice visible results in a few months. You can even prepare hair masks with Aloe Vera gel to strengthen the hair.


21. Treats Sunburns: Aloe Vera possesses healing & soothing properties which makes it perfect for helping with sunburns. Make sure that you get hold of fresh aloe gel since the fresher the gel, the faster the sunburns will start healing. In addition, also remember that if the sunburns are serious, then it advisable to consult your doctor first!


22. Helps Treat Asthma: Aloe Vera helps to combat asthma in a natural way! Simply mix pure Aloe Vera gel in boiling water and inhale the vapors. This helps in providing immediate relief.


23. Treats Acne: It is widely known that Aloe Vera gel also helps reduce acne. It possesses anti-fungal & anti-inflammation properties which helps in clearing out the pimples & acne. In fact, it helps prevent further skin breakouts as well!

removing blemishes

24.  Works On Insect Bites: Aloe Vera is a natural antiseptic which helps in healing the swelling & itching caused by insect bite. Simply take some fresh Aloe Vera gel & refrigerate it for a while. Now, apply the cool gel on the affected area to provide relief from the sting.


25. Boosts Immunity System: Consuming Aloe Vera juice helps to boost the immune system. It contains antioxidants which build immunity & make you less prone to illness.


Check out an interesting Aloe Vera Gel oil recipe for scars & stretch marks!

How do you like to use Aloe Vera in your beauty routine?

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22 thoughts on “The Miracle Plant Aloe Vera And Its 25 Uses”

  1. Amazing all the uses of aloe vera.Great post!I have to tell you how much I am enjoying all the great info you share on your blog.Thanks so much!Margie:)

  2. but i had a prob using aloe vera oncemy skin strted itching aftr using iti removed it was fine aftr i allergic 2 aloe vera?

  3. sensitive to sensitive skin are not allergic to aloevera chitra(there can be an exceptional case)..u know when u take the fresh leaf of aloevera there is yellow fluid too which comes along with it..may be u have applied that..wash the gel completely and then apply it on your face..I suggest you but any aloevera gel and then try it out rather then using the fresh leave first.

  4. okk may be it was the yellow fluidbcoz i've used the transparent 1 also & it is fine doesn't cause any harm.thnx a lot!!!

    1. nisita just take an aloevera leaf or branch whatever u call it..dig in the ground and that how u plant it!

  5. Can i use Aloe Vera for eye massage, i am suffering with Eye dryness.
    Should i use Aloevera gel available in market, or i can just take leaves of aloe vera and use it white gel to massage.

  6. Aloe vera is great. I have a plant in my kitchen garden. My mom tells me it used to be a bush found in plenty near the lakes around the villages. It is indeed easy to grow.

    Anyway about the greatness, I have sensitive skin, especially below my eyes, around the orbit where my cheeks start. So due to dryness in winters, I started getting small rashes in the area. It took me perhaps a week to realise that they had culminated into two visible specs on my cheekbones. I have high cheekbones. So I started applying my moisturiser which wasn’t helping. Then I had a sudden realisation that I should try the aloe vera( I wasn’t really using it for anything). I applied it thrice and it so helped. I am not even applying it anymore. Problem solved. Its great. Aloe vera.

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