Life Update & Usual Blabber :-D & Some Super Cute Pics

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Life Update & Usual Blabber 😀 & Some Super Cute Pics

Hello everyone!

How is life treating you ?

I am having an amazing time these days. Morning are usually cold and foggy in Gurgaon here and I tend to drink hot coffee  and eat  million things to keep me healthy (which is usual :-p ) like aloe vera juice, almonds, dried figs and green smoothies and what not. Somehow I feel good about myself when I have all these things. I do share this on my Insta as well if you are like even one percent interested 🙂 but beware when I binge then I binge a lot!! And I share that as well, along with my cribbing, which doesn’t help weight loss at all 😀

bel sleeves and flute sleeves top

Now why I am having amazing days because Anvika(my daughter) is back to school and comes at 3:15 p.m so I get 6 hours of work /Me/Eating/Workout time! 😀  You see I try to do all the things in these six hours as I don’t want to miss even a single minute with her after she returns. I hug her, cuddle her, play with her & basically do whatever I used to do with my doll when I was little!  And now just imagine doing all that with my kid, now that I have one, then comes Papa’s time where we both play with her together 😀 😀

life updates

Few Life Updates

*Touch wood* life is great and I would not like to change anything  especially my child (I know I am obsessed  with her! :-* ) who is growing way to fast then of my liking. Imagine she looked like this two years back 🙁 and I know when she grows up she is going to kill me for putting this fashion disaster photo of her! :-p

Well, in my defense, it was really cold that day and to keep her warm I made her wear every extra layer which was available near me. Also I didn’t want to go into her closet and search! 😉 Like I said it was damn cold!!

anamika avikas daughter

Random Blabbers

Now can I talk little about the Mom here as well. I know this is what we bloggers do all the time. I use this, I use that, I wear this and I  do that! (Hence the post title :-p)

I got this flute sleeves top from Sarojini Nagar and everyone is praising it a lot. It stayed in my closet for a long time but it is such a simple top and whats makes it interesting is the sleeve-pattern which, by the way, were quite a hit when I was in 8th standard. I had this kurta of similar flute sleeves and I wore it million times till my mom decided to literally tear it so that I don’t embarrass her any further! :-p

fashion mom

I posted this pic on Insta and lot of you asked me where to get it from. I found similar top on Amazon but can’t tell you about the quality of fabric though!

Also, I have started going for breakfast with my friends now. I met Sugandha who too is a blogger and we are so fond of each other. I feel lucky that I met her. It’s great to meet like minded people and we talk about blogging, youtubing, food , family in general considering we both have girl of similar age 🙂

food in gurgaon /breakfast option

My New Planner

Also, can I tell you that how much I am loving my Alicia souza planner. I love it and till now I am using it everyday. If you haven’t got it then please do try. It’s lovely and its a great way to start and end your day with it. It’s super expensive though but then if I am able to use it whole year I will be one happy lady 🙂

planner 2018

In the end there are few things which I am going to again remind you of! I am loving this weekly chit chat rambling session of mine, so this is going to be like that every week! Along with this, we will have weekly sale post every week. By the way HUDA beauty is launched in Nykaa. Who all are buying from there?

With this I am taking real slow steps & WISESHE Brushes will be out super soon.

Wait WHHAT? 😐

You don’t know? then please read about them here

Below I did What’s in my bag video which I and Sugandha shot since we wanted to feel productive 😛 and not just eating food. 😉


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10 thoughts on “Life Update & Usual Blabber :-D & Some Super Cute Pics”

  1. Cute picture of Anvika,.. Yes Super excited that Huda Beauty finally launched in India,.. I’m planning to buy a liquid lipstick,..

  2. This was such a fun post to read 🙂 Amvi is so cute:-* Can’t wait for ur brushes to launch. Bout huda beauty…donno if am gonna pick anything for now. I already have their liquid lipstick n now wanna try d faux filter foundation. But it hasn’t been launched in india yet

  3. Anvika ko to aapke uske weight se jyada kapde pehna diya, cutie pie
    Maine bitiya k liye Huda liquid lipstick ka trophy wife shade lene ka plan kar rahi hu
    Meri city me to winter na k barabar rehta hai , aap log njoy kariye dilli ki sardi
    Shopping, food n pata nahi kya kya missing my dilli

  4. I love this top. and my little cutie pie is looking soooo pretty. but yes she’ll kill for this disaster fashion clothing lol.
    I’m also enjoying cold weather, right now I’m ill because of this cold .

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