Dear Anvika – letter To My Daughter

anmikaΓƒΒ₯ wiseshe

Dear Anvika – letter To My Daughter

Dear Anvika,

I am pretty sure, one day you will open this blog and check out what your mom has done here. You are surely going to look for posts where you have been mentioned. I have mentioned you a lot of times here. From the time of announcing my pregnancy and then sharing your first pic. You were announced by your father here whose joy had no bounds when he held you for the first time in his arms. On Wiseshe also everyone was waiting for the news.

They all wanted to know if its a boy or a girl and everybody expected you to look like me and today when I look at you I find you much prettier, intelligent and lovely than what I am.

anmikaΓƒΒ₯ wiseshe

Letter To My Daughter

There are few things which I would like to tell you. I would like to tell you what you are like at 4 πŸ™‚

You are a funny girl and now you have started talking . I was little worried as you were not speaking much compared to other kids of your age last year. But now I see you talking and having fun and expressing yourself to me. Still you like to do your own things and don’t like to get disturbed much.You have made like-minded friends who value you and you value friendship. I do feel you are going to be little introvert like your father and I love that about you.

You are prety adjusting.You are one of the rare kids who never cried on their first day of school even though I changed three school of yours and you never had problem in adjusting with any one of them.

wiseshe shoes
We went specially to the mall to get these shoes for you although we were hell tired πŸ™‚

You are pretty sensitive and you don’t like if somebody laughs at you. You take pretty much offense to that. We laugh at you because of the simple joy which you bring to us and it is definitely not at you.

You love to laugh on your own farts and always make a point to correct me wherever you can. Few days back I hurt my finger and you showed concerned by telling me why weren’t you careful πŸ˜€

What makes you so lovely and simple is that you love to follow rules and regulations which is quite unlike your mom. Probably that’s your daddy’s side of genes..Your teachers are super impressed by your awareness . You now have started eating little bit of dal and sabzi otherwise till now it has been difficult to feed you.

wise she anamika

You don’t like junk food at all except french fries.You don’t like Pizza’s , burgers and have never tasted pasta. Ghar ka khaana is your favoruite thing till now. Although, you do like icecreams and chocolates. Few days back you just finished half of the nutella jar before I could realize it.

You are so obedient that many of our friends wish for a child like you. I think you are just perfect. You are getting smarter day by day.You know mommie is busy in afternoon with her work so you take food liberty in exploring my vanity box.

baby birthday party

You are not afraid to tell the truth. If you do anything you come and declare it rather than telling it to us.We in return appreciate it as we would like you to be honest and truthful.

You are just 4 and have visited lot of cities. From Malayasia, Dubai, Kerala, Nanital , Jaipur. You love travelling and weren’t even afraid a bit when you saw a tiger in front of you in Ranthambore. You think you are not and don’t appear to be one but you are quite brave .

You have realized that papa takes all your tantrums and that’s the reason you are all polite and rule follower in front of me but in front of your father you throw lot of tantrums and he doesn’t mind that at all.

You have brought lot of joy in our life and each passing birthday I miss the little baby Anvika from the last year.You are getting self-reliant day by day and that makes me feel proud of you.


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14 thoughts on “Dear Anvika – letter To My Daughter”

  1. Wow Anamika…I loved every bit of your letter to ur doll.
    I have always been a silent reader of WiseShe and ur baby blog, but today when I read this letter, I couldn’t stop myself from commenting, probably because I too have a 3+ year young daughter. Your letter gave me an inspiration that I’ll also write my feelings for her every year, so that one day when she gets to read it, she can remember how her childhood was. Keep up ur gud work Anamika.
    PS: Did I mention how cute ur Angel is :). God bless her.

    1. Thanks Ruchi…We ourself forget about the child when he or she grows up so better to put it down πŸ™‚

      Whats your daughter name..Three year is such a lovely age..They are potty trained and talk and are still so innocent πŸ™‚

  2. This is so beautiful! :heart: I remember ur pregnancy so well. Anvi has turned out to be a lovely child. May God Bless her. :-* And the part about throwing tantrums when dad is around…ohlord most kids do that :sweat:

    1. I get super jealous when i see her favouring her dad so much..I mean comeon! i gave birth to you , clean your potty and then you say I love papa the most πŸ˜›

  3. Beautifully put. I too am writing to Avisha whenever I can, I have craeted an EMail account for her on her 1st Birthday and have been regularly writing to her regarding her milestones or any such memorable event. Anvi will definitely be proud of you when she gets to realise what Wiseshe is and what a super mom you are! Stay blessed you , Anvi and K !

  4. Thanks Vaishnavi.. πŸ™‚

    @Mitra – thats lovely why not make a private blog and keep it ..thats so lovely!..i too want to do lot of things like making a thin quit of her old clothes as a memory ..Save all her growing up pics but then i am always shot on time ..

    I hope she thinks of me like a super mom and not a lady who is full of anxieties towards her work :))

  5. This is beyond every word of appreciation and joyous emotions. I am sort of short of words to describe how adorable this letter is. I am sure when your angel grows up, she sure will have tears of joy post reading this.

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