Mommie Dressing Week 9 – How Motherhood Changed Me


Mommie Dressing Week 9

Hi Everyone!

I am back and this time I have been pretty regular with my Mommie fashion post because now I have figured out a schedule..If you are a Mom who is working, then a schedule is definitely what you need to follow otherwise being consistent almost becomes impossible .

With time I have realized that I have changed a lot. All those who have been following me since 2009 must be knowing this .

By change I do not mean changing physically, but changing in my views.


After two years of blogging , I chose motherhood and it did change me completely.No one can actually understand motherhood until one experience it by themselves..It’s a complete change of emotion and thought process.Its just like discovering the existence of something in your mind which you never knew it existed.

Few days back , I was talking to Zara who use to write for Wiseshe and we both agreed that only thing which matter the most to both of us is our kid rest all is something which we keep doing. Being with my child is the best time, which I have. I do wish for some days alone but when I have them I want to get back to my usual maddening and fun filled days which I have with my daughter.

How Motherhood Changed Me

Even scientist agrees to it and all these changes, mostly happen because of the flood of hormones which we go through. Initially it was so damn difficult to accept motherhood. I could only think that I landed up somewhere which I have no idea about, but it’s surprising how my feelings grew for this little creature that I care less about so many things which use to bother me so much.


Now first website which I open in the morning is Hopscotch rather than a beauty or a fashion website..It’s not that I have no interest in them anymore. It’s just that being a mom has a way of showing you the most important things in life or maybe I don’t know it might be the hormones as well :P.

I so wish to be a good mother .I do make an effort for it and I am glad I do videos with her at least I can refer to them once she grows up..Who knows, I might forget all these feelings when she becomes a teenager and we start fighting on topics which we don’t agree upon.



Recently , we did this children day series, which I so loved doing..No matter how many views those videos get compared to the ones which I normally do, but having a week dedicated to her was something which I will cherish for long <3


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3 thoughts on “Mommie Dressing Week 9 – How Motherhood Changed Me”

  1. Love both of your outfits Anu. And everything you spoke about motherhiid resonates with my feeling. I have definitely changed. But for better. Life is definitely busier and more tiresome by the end of the day. But then I wouldnt have it any otre way.

    Love this article. :*

  2. Right said Maits..No matter how frustrating things might be sometime but most of the time there is this happiness which just can not be put in words.

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