Hi! I am back & my current favourite makeup technique

Its been years since I wrote here. You all know I got so busy with my brand WISE SHE and Instagram .I did not get time to engage with my blog. As it is my startup it really needs a lot of time to focus on my products, my customers and I couldn’t compromise with any of it. So I was personally involved with my brand from checking the quality of the product to the packaging of it and getting it delivered.  But then I felt like restarting my journey of writing blog because why not?

My inspiration here is HUDA BEAUTY. In spite of being such a popular personality,  owning a huge empire, she still manages to write on her blog and instagram and do videos on her youtube channel then why not me? I guess I didn’t prioritize it well.

I in fact feel guilty of disowning this platform who gave my life a purpose. Blogging is where my journey started.Blogging defined me and it gave me an identity.It has made me improve myself not only as a makeup enthusiast but also as a person. And now after 10 years I even have a brand of my own  so why let it go.I would like to write about it. The only difference is that I will be the only one writing here on the blog and there will be no other reviewers as such unless some one requests me for using the platform .Also, i will be writing one blog post a week or may be two if I have something exciting to share 🙂 Let me  know in the comment section if you are still here and  what all you would like to see in my blog.

Today I wanted to share with you this instagram video tutorial which I did .I think it’s pretty interesting how eyeliner technique has been reversed. This is also trending all over so i thought of creating my own video on it because I have always enjoyed lining my eyes.

Its a very simple and easy look .
I went on with my base first using the Dior Backstage foundation with WiseShe blender.  The foundation glided so smoothly over my face .
Making perfect wings has always been a dilemma for all. But the WISESHE eye/liner brush made it so easy to get the precision we all need.

I made the the reverse wing using this brush and for the eyeliner I used the Mac Cosmetics gel eyeliner black track which by the way I don’t like at all.I am just waiting for it to get over.I have heard Bobbi brown gel liner is much better and few others brands too.

I have used the dual ended eyebrow brush for my brows. This brush comes handy as it has both the brush and the spoolie which  blends the product beautifully . Then I used the lid shader brush to add some shadow over my lids to give my eyes a bit of dimension to flaunt my reverse eyeliner look. To complete the look I curled my lashes with the Wise she eyelash curler and added some mascara and finally some lipstick for which I used the Sugar Cosmetics 08 ALCOR with colourpop lipliner LBB.
And here is my completed look. Hope you guys like it.

There has been a lot which has happened in last few years and slowly I will open out more here .Till then enjoy the video

See you next week




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5 thoughts on “Hi! I am back & my current favourite makeup technique”

  1. I used to read your stories in 2013, read the post that Kapil bhaiya wrote around that time. Been reading your stories on IG too and I am still here. I will always be ears whatever you share 🙂

  2. Awww ! how you doing Rachna..! its been quite a while..Anvika now is going to be 8 ..<3..i have been following you as well..see you around 🙂

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