Giloy Plant Uses Benefit & How To Grow

Giloy the magical medicinal plant

I am here to talk about one of the magical plant that’s going to benefit your entire family. Giloy is that magical herb which deals with a plethora of health and skin problems. It’s rightly called as amrita leaf in our Vedas. I am sure those of you who are even remotely interested in ayurveda would have heard of it. Its varied uses makes it a must have plant at home. Yes! You read that right. It’s super easy to grow at home. I will explain about it later. First let’s get to know Giloy a little better.


Giloy is mentioned in our Hindu history as amrita i.e. nectar of life. According to the story, during samudra manthan when the pot full of amrita came out of the sea, the demons took it and ran away. So while running few drops of amrita fell on earth, took form of a climbing herb known as Giloy. And ever since, we are reaping benefits of its magical properties. With the recent dengue spread in Delhi; ramdev baba’s words got me thinking. He claimed to treat dengue, malaria, any type of fever with the help of Giloy. I started reading about it online and found that it not only helps cure fever but also strengthen immunity system. I myself have suffered a lot when my immunity system went for a toss and every few days I used to be down with fever and flu. We all have seen various chawanprash ads claiming to improve our immunity system. Have you wondered what that magical ingredient in chawanprash is? Yup, it’s Giloy. Imagine how useful it would be if taken in raw form.

Acne; one of the biggest woes of oily skinned beauties can be cured completely with the help of Giloy leaves. Regular usage would give you blemish free glowing skin as it purifies the blood and balances your Doshas. My friend personally vouched for it.

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She has been battling acne since her teenage and now her acne has reduced to once in a while few zits and her face is no more an oil factory. Her skin is NORMAL now and we all know what a blessing normal skin is. She just included Giloy and aloevera juice in her diet.

Uses OF Giloy:-

  1. It detoxifies our system and aides digestion. With all the junk and adulterated food we keep eating, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure we include something healthy in our diet which helps keeping our stomach clear.
  2. Helps fight all kinds of skin diseases, yes even eczema and psoriasis which are very difficult to get rid of completely.
  3. Keeps diabetes in check.
  4. Helps cure asthma and bronchitis.
  5. Keeps high blood pressure and cholesterol in check.
  6. We all have read Zara’s articles about UTI and how it’s very important to maintain personal hygiene. I completely agree with her. You know Giloy helps curing UTI as well.
  7. Giloy roots are rich in anti oxidants. Some scientists are claiming it can even cure cancer.
  8. It has anti ageing properties.
  9. Mixture of turmeric and Giloy stem’s satva cures tuberculosis completely.
  10. Regular usage reduces arthritis pain as well.
  11. It has the unique quality of removing toxins from lymphatic nodules.

How To Grow Giloy At Home:-

It can be easily grown in a pot at home, the way we all grow money plant. The plant is cultivated by the stem cutting method. Outside home it’s generally given support of neem tree. It propagates very fast and even a small stem becomes a fully fledged climber in a couple of years. You can get the stem easily in local nurseries.  If you are not getting stem then buy the seeds from ayurvedic store. Soak it in cold water for 24 hrs. Seeds germinate very fast this way, and when the plant achieves slight thickness, plant it the way you would plant money plant or any other climber. It requires regular watering initially, other than that it’s a very easy to maintain, no nonsense plant.


Parts of Giloy used to cure diseases are leaf, root, stem and fruit. However, the most important part is stem and it is widely available in dried state (Giloy satva) in the market.

  1. Giloy satva mixed with triphala is a very good remedy for sinus and headaches.
  2. Giloy juice taken with neem, amla and haldi provides effective treatment for skin infections.
  3. Fresh juice of Giloy stems helps treat excessive menstrual bleeding.
  4. Decoction of Giloy and neem leaves fights all kind of fevers.
  5. Adding fennel seeds to the above mentioned decoctions makes it an effective remedy for UTI.
  6. Juice of aloevera and Giloy together makes the immunity system strong.

And the list goes on!! The entire world is attracted to ayurveda now. In India ramdev baba has made ayurveda easily accessible to public. We all should reap the benefits of our ancient remedies. While researching about Giloy online, I read many articles about how scientists abroad are trying to make a cancer curing medicine out of it. This shows how this easily accessible humble looking plant that we probably would not even notice has so much in store for us. We all have used aloevera and cannot rave enough about it. Now, it’s time for making Giloy that must have at home plant. And those who can’t grow plants at home due to space problem or sheer laziness move your butts to nearest ayurvedic store and stock up on Giloy juice and satva. 😉

Now I will end this essay before you all start snoring. Bubye!!

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  1. Dear article writer, I would like you to make a small Correction in your article and that is you wrote ” HINDU MYTHOLOGY ” in second paragraph, in first line ( ” Giloy is mentioned in our Hindu mythology as amrita “)

    so kindly remove the World MYTHOLOGY from your article… Here you are mentioning Hinduism as a Mythology, and you also mention just a single piece of wonderful Ancient knowledge of our Rishis and Manishis… what is this, a joke !!!!!!!!!

    1. Mythology definition: A popular belief that is probably not true:

      OMG I hate it when the World uses the word ‘MYTHOLOGY’ for Indian culture and religion. We all know it should never be used, So why do we people use it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t use that word. Thankyou

  2. I heard HH Ramdev say Giloy is what we call Money plant…Is this true. There are different varities of Money plants..

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