Franch Oil Uses and Experience

Franch Oil Old Pack

Let me warn you guys, this post is going to be long.  I want to let you know how and why I used this oil.  Since I don’t have franch oil with me any more so I got the pictures from their website.

Franch Oil old pack:

Franch Oil Old Pack

Product: Franch Oil

For Skin Type: All

Price: INR 60 for 100ml (price may vary)

What does product claim

The herbal ingredients in Franch Oil NH* are traditionally formulated but are manufactured using advanced modern technologies which delivers an effective, easy-to-use medicine for our everyday healthcare. Using an advance extraction technology known as “COLD PRESSED EXTRACTION”, it preserves the medicinal properties of the herbs which promote effective natural healing. Franch OIL NH* is a combination of cold pressed extraction of Ricinus Cummunis Linn seeds and root, and the extraction of Ocimum Sanctum. Ricinus Cummins Linn (Euphorbiaceae).

Franch Oil new pack:
Franch Oil New Pack

My Experience with Franch Oil

 This happened long back while I was studying,  I was having my semester holidays and sitting at home, one day I had a fall in bathroom cause of my stupidity!  I was cleaning it and with floor cleaner all over and  dancing also which resulted in a very bad fall. I just happened to put all my body pressure on my right hand so I can reduce the impact, I thought!   You got the picture?

My fall was so hard that even after 1 week, when swelling reduced, I got all those red, blue marks due to the impact and it was looking so ugly and dead painful.   After around 1 month I was still having difficulty moving my hand and the marks were still the same and not reducing at all with so many creams and medicines, can’t tell you guys what I went through that time 🙁

One of my friends ( God bless that kind soul though now I don’t remember who that person was)  suggest me to use franch oil.  I didn’t pay much attention to it, but that person (some guy) kept telling me to do that.

So one day I dragged myself to Little India in search of Franch Oil and got it.  Applied the oil on my arms twice every day and massage gently. After a week, the marks started to reduce and fade, the pain was lessen too.  If am not wrong withing 3-4 weeks my hand was back to normal, the marks totally disappeared and no pain.  I used less than half of the bottle (100ml).

It may not sound great but it was wonderful for me – even now when I think of those days it’s very painful.

You may ask why am telling you this story…Well, so you can understand how Franch Oil worked for me and from that time I have become franch oil fan, I have recommended to so many people and all of them have benefited too. So if you have any pain, marks then you should try franch oil.

Now let’s see what exactly is this oil. (from their website)

Franch Oil is a must in every home

In our homes many situations will warrant the use of emergency aid. Children may get bruises when playing. Careless kitchen accidents such as burns, scalding or cuts may occur. Sometimes active family members are bound to suffer sprains or muscular aches due to one reason or other. Maybe it’s the older family members who may be suffering from knee or back pains. Whatever the situation, Franch Oil NH* is the effective treatment for these and many other ailments and that’s why if you in-charge of your family’s health you must have one at home.

 Franch Oil NH* is known to treat a variety of ailments, some of which are as follows:-

  1. Cracked Heel and Chapped Hands
  2. Athlete foot and corns
  3. Minor burns, cuts and wounds.
  4. Mosquito and insect bites
  5. External ulcers, bed sores and fissures
  6. Sanitary Rashes
  7. Menstrual Pains
  8. Sprains and joint pains
  9. Constipation
  10. Muscular and Body Pains
  11. Remove pregnancy stretch marks
  12. Scaly dry skin and dermatitis
  13. Skin itches and irritation
  14. Pimples and black spots
  15. Reduce hair fall

Application Method

When you apply Franch Oil NH* clean the area, preferably with lukewarm water and then apply the required amount onto the effected area. For muscle and joint pains massage gently. A hot water bag is recommended after application of the oil, to sooth and for fast relief of muscle or joint aches. For constipation apply generously on the stomach area and massage gently. If you want to use Franch Oil NH* to reduce hair fall, dilute it with coconut oil in a proportion of 1:1 for easy application.

This oil comes in a plastic clear bottle with flip top and the oil is very thick and sticky type and has typical smell of root and seeds makes it perfect for massage.  All may not like the oil smell though, but for the benefits we get from it we can ignore the smell !

Franch oil NH has no side effects since it is natural (NH= Natural Healing) thus safe to use.

 Cosmetic Uses include: Hair falling (dilute with coconut oil), helps to remove pimples and black spots, prevent crooked and cracked nails, as baby oil and facial oil.


  • Cold Pressed Extraction of Ricinus Cummunis Linn Seed 88%, [ Linn Seeds is Alivirai in Tamil and Alsi in Hindi]
  • Ricinus Cummunis Linn Root 10% and
  • Extraction of Ocimum Sanctum 2%.

So you see the benefits and the fact that it’s so cheap we can surely try this.  I am going to buy one more bottle (perhaps try that for the hair loss problem)

 Cons: None


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71 thoughts on “Franch Oil Uses and Experience”

  1. Really gud review Priti..This seems like a must to have in all households..

    i really luv the way u write ya..feel like m there with u 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Zara, that’s sweet of you. And the irony is I wrote this review and I am in need of this oil …I had a fall on Friday and now in-move-able 🙁

            1. Well I sure can’t do that again n show you :p

              It’s raining here for few days and wet slippery …I was walking, slipped and fell….just near my house 🙁

  2. correct poorni, i always hav this in stock to reduce my stomach pain during periods. and my friend also used this on her burns and the marks disappeared in a week. this is truly a wonder oil :yes: :yes: :yes:

  3. very nice review priti………i have dark marks on my arms caused due to continuous friction of chura bangles……and theses marks refuse to go even after 3 yrs of removing my chura….will this oil help me ……..?

    1. Shilpa, ofcoz I can’t say if the marks will go but then you can try rite? May be you have to apply the oil for long time. Inbtw how long did you wore your chura? I didn’t got any marks from mine 🙂

  4. Hey Gals …..This is available easily in all the shops ….Iam sure you can find in chemist or even any cosmetic or departmental store. You can ask the store ppl ….In south it will sure available ….In North part am more doubtful.

    1. hi sukanya..this does seem to be a boon na? i am the kinds who keeps falling or hurting herself…so this is a must have for someone like me 🙂

      1. Hype or no hype I dont know …I just shared my personal experience ….anyways it’s dirt cheap …a 100rs won’t hurt to try it out ….not tht I don’t value 100rs !!

  5. I have been using it for 2 1/2 weeks now for pimples and black sports. How long does it take for me to see the results because am still getting pimples.

  6. :fighterf: for pimples cures pls make changes to your diet, minimize carbs , the oil is good for hair n face 10mins before bath

  7. Hi. Where can I order this product/Franch oil? online page not functional. Franch oil has gone out of the market in my country Kenya. I want to send somebody traveling to Mumbai. Where can they buy it? I agree with you that it’s an unbelievably good product. Looking forward to your prompt feedback. Regards, Stacy.

  8. Weni
    I had black circle mark with bruise due to hit is it ok if I use franch oil
    Can it will help in reducing bruising with black circle mark
    Please help me

  9. I thought you were trying to warn us on the use of Franch Oil until I finish reading your write out. There were nothing mentioned about the negative side effects of Franch Oil.
    I use it on my knee to ease the pain I used to get from walking to much.

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