Face Getting Darker After Applying Sunscreen

I am  Hena from Kolkata. I   have a problem and I  am not able to over come the problem myself, that is why I want to take help from you.I have oily skin with large pores around my nose.I have tried my sunscreen from lotus 3in1 sunscreen , Biotique tinted moisturiser SPF 30, Lakme SPF 24 but I haven’t seen any good results on  my skin.

After applying any sunscreen my face appears darker than my original skin tone and it feels greasy too! 🙁 In case of Biotique it didn’t change my skin tone but did made my skin very  greasy.

My regular makeup routine is putting up sunscreen then lakme perfect radiance compact and some eye kohl or colorful eyeliner with mascara. After one or two hours my make up comes out of my face and makes me look horrible. Please help!

Well, this was one concerned reader of WiseShe who is probably using the wrong sunscreen that makes her skin tone darker than her natural complexion! Another thing causing the skin to become dark in the sun might be that her skin might need a strong sunscreen with a broader SPF & UV protection criteria!

Make sure you keep these basic things in mind before applying a sunscreen and also check if you need to change the sun protection you are currently using!

Choosing an Appropriate Sunscreen-

  • Buy a branded sunscreen as per skin type, if you have oily skin choose a mattifying sunscreen like Neutrogena Sun Block SPF 50

Top 5 Sunscreens For Oily Skin In India

  • There are many medicated and expert brands available in stores which are really good for sun protection! Avene Sun Protection Spray, Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen,

Avene sunscreen SPF 50+

  • Always choose the sunscreen as per the duration you are exposed to the sun, if you are going out for 1-2 hours a SPF 30 sunblock lotion would be sufficient but if you are exposed to the sun for longer hours, it is advised to reapply sunscreen after every two hours & pick a higher value of SPF in your sunscreen so as to keep your skin protected from damage!

Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion

  • Humidity too makes the skin behave weirdly with products like sunscreen, compact powder & starts producing oil which makes the makeup products to fade and further exposing the skin in the sun making it look darker!

Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen

  • Do not immediately apply any moisturizer after a sunscreen lotion, let it get absorbed completely! Then after 15 minutes you can apply the tinted moisturizer with mild SPF cover & makeup products which are smudge proof & suited for oily skin!

sunscreen for body acne

Some of the most effective sunscreen reviews are as under. Check them out and choose as per the reviews!


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36 thoughts on “Face Getting Darker After Applying Sunscreen”

  1. Try using a sunscreen from Neutrogena – they are oil free & mattifying at the same time.

    I think you are having this problem because of the high humidity in Kolkatta. I suggest you skip using foundation/compact if your skin is good. Just apply sunscreen, add a bit of concealor if needed. Apply eyeliner in liquid or pencil which is long lasting, smudge proof (buy a branded product from a good company) & Maybelline waterproof mascara.

    Also don’t keep touching or wiping or rubbing your face. It will cause makeup to smudge.

    1. Thanks Tanz..Also, you can buy tinted moisturiser with SPF.Using lotus tinted moisturiser may help you out..using gel eyeliner or any waterproof eyeliner will be good for you and as Tanz said Maybelline colossal will be a good buy too.

    2. hi Henna , I can understand ur problem very well as i was the sufferer of this problem but I thank to wise she forum and my dermo both to solveout this problem , if u have tried lotus , neutrogena etc. ( Me tried all of them ) , then i suggest u to go for melagard spf 50+(for higher protection but a little bit oily but less than all )or spf 20+( for less protection and less oiliness)…… Try it dear , i m assuring u the better results………

      Again Thanks to Wise SHe ………. :-* :-*

  2. i also notice that my skin looks a bit dark after applying sunblock :timeout: but eventually it looks fine after sometime …what i figured out in my case is that i massage my sunblock a lot 🙄 which increases blood circulation :hypnotized: p.s i have 15gms of haemoglobin :-/ nd dnt look pinky at all 😥

  3. i hav never had this prob….ive hadbad sunburn…but going dark right after sunscreen application is somethin m hearing for he first time!

  4. btw you know sunscreens are not meant to prevent tanning…they are just meant to protect you from getting skin cancer…that’s it…so it is better that you take a good care of your skin after coming back from the sun… applying ice cubes wrapped in a wash cloth is good or you can cleanse your skin and apply a face mask or rub a potato or cucumber which prevents tanning and yup changing sunscreen is also a good idea but I don’t think that will really help you with tanning!!! yeah Biotique sunscreens protect from tanning but they make the skin greasy so it is difficult to apply them too 🙁

  5. I too have this problem, sunscreen bring down my color, since I cant avoid Sunblock some places, I use Nuetrogena Spray SPF… you just have to spray it on your hands and dab it on face…. initially it looks greasy and stick.. give it 20 -25 min, then it looks ok.

  6. Hena next time when you buy a sunscreen look for something that suits your skin type(in your case oily), buy a product that offers protection against UVA as well as UVB.

    Don’t buy heavy duty ones they can block your pores so buy a gel based or with light consistency (Nutrogena’s sunscreen works good with oily skin)

    Apply it 20 mintues before you go out. Reapply the sunscreen every 90 to 120 minutes

    Apply the right amount.

    you have to remember something that when you are using sunscreen daily,then you need to scrub your skin on a regular basis because sometimes the particles will blocks the pores of the skin.

  7. and i forgot to tell you, somehow Neutrogena makes one look a shade lighter than their actual shade/color, Hope that information helps.

    1. Neutrogena sunscreen which 1 is good whatz i know datz they hv 3 products in India.
      m really confused in choosing now which suits me best..

  8. heyyy i too hv the same prblm… :-(( :-(( :-(( i even used neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen but i was too much disappointed by it, it made my face like a frying pan, previously i’ve tried lotus 3 in 1 matte effect sunscreen which worked fine with me, except dat it made my face appear darker as it had sum tint in it, nowadays i m using kaya sunscreen for sensitive skin and it is just ok ok type as it has only spf 15 and price is too much for a sunscreen (around Rs. 700/) :struggle: :struggle: , so i m also facing the same prblm… searching 4 a perfect sunscreen :smug: :smug:

    1. yeah searching for a perfect sunscreen is always a pain 😀 sad that ultrasheer didn’t work coz it worked for many people who tried…may be you could try applying a little less of the product next time coz it specially suits oily skin as it mattifies it…and I have heard Loreal is also good but a little costlier!!!

  9. me using neutrogena sunblock spf 50. It does make my face a bit oily after applying..but the key is to keep massaging it for a minute or so. It doesnt seem so oily after that. And regarding darkness, i never felt my skin lookin darker after applying it 🙂

    1. hey Aditi…even I found that it makes the face a bit oily but after 15-20 minutes, it does get absorbed properly and mattifies the face and on touch it is completely dry though…doesn’t stick a bit at all…any such experience???

    1. hey Huma…I saw the review on “for the love of fashion and other things” blog so check it out on that…shreya had reviewed it…I don’t remember the name of the product though but I guess its an spf 30 or something!!!

  10. It just stuck me, maybe the cream is getting oxidised on your skin. I don’t know if you are aware, sometimes foundations turn orange when applied to the skin, if the skin is either too acidic or alkaline (esp if applied to a freshly washed face).. maybe the same thing is happening with the cream.. Try using a pH balanced toner after cleansing to neutralize the cleanser residue, and then apply the sunscreen. I am not sure if this is the solution, but I guess you cld give it a shot.

  11. Hi,

    Its a myth that sunscreen makes you dark though it may make you look dark due to oxidation of chunky titanium di oxide and zinc oxide that are physical sunscreens. An answer to this is using a chemical sunscreen (avobenxone, homosalate etc) type sunscreens or physical sunscreens like micronized titanium di oxide. Neutrogena makes lovely sunscreens but if it gets a bit pricier buy Clinique or Lancome.

    Its not the 50 that matter it matters how thick u have applied ur sunscreen so I believe anything above SPF 30 is a marketting gimmick until u have to dance in the sun u wud need SPF 50 or more.

    ALso u can invest in amazing tinted moisturizer to suit your skin type and weather. Kolkata does have MAC and Clinique and if u want to splurge go to online sites like http://www.strawberrynet.com and http://www.cosme-de.com


  12. Also for oily skin u can use toners or exfoliators with 1-2% salicylic acid as its amazing for oil control, blemish control and exfoliation.


  13. Hello ladies, this is my first comment on this blog. I am from Calcutta although I live in California. Every year I go to visit my family and I have finally figured out what works there and what does not!

    Sunscreens: I believe you are getting the darkening of the skin due to presence of Titanium Dioxide or Avobenzone or Zinc Oxide in your sunscreens which gives you a white cast and makes your skin look gray. If you switch to a translucent L’Oreal sunscreen with Mexoryl it should work out much better for you. I believe it is called UV Perfect. Or there is Garnier Sun Control also with Mexoryl. Make sure you buy a sunscreen with PA+++ and make it a habit to wear it everyday just like brushing your teeth, whether you are leaving the house or not.

    The only way to keep makeup from melting in that climate is to use a make up setting spray. After you are done with your make up you spray it on your face just like hair spray and your make up will not budge for the whole day regardless of humidity. I am not sure if it is possible to buy in India but I am sure resourceful ladies can get their hands on some. My fav brands are
    below and I never travel to India without them!

    Make Up Forever: Mist and Fix to Go $8 for travel size from Sephora
    Urban Decay: All Nighter or De Slick for oily skins or Dew Me for dry skin, all available on Sephora or probably Ebay.

    1. can you name some chemical sunscreens which dont make your skin darker after applying ?

      i currently use Avene SPF 50 emulsion, still looking for the one….

  14. hey every1., I’m new to this site n I just came across ur query..
    I have the same issue with my skin so I simply add a little lacto calamine 2 my sun screen, mix the tym on my palm n apply on my face.. it makes a marked difference on my face.

  15. Hello, the think is my skin is of combination type, and i chosed to use biotique sunscren, which made my skin darker, so how many day iy will take to make my skin onto its original complexion, plz help

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