Donating A Selfie With My Daughter

Anamika sureka malik+anvika malik

Donating A Selfie With My Daughter

I love taking selfie and those who have been following me on the blog must be wondering why she is even talking about it..With 100s of selfie in different makeup and outfit look its kind of obvious. And to make it more evident I am youtubing as well :D. What my readers don’t know is that the selfie which I loved the most is the one which are with my daughter. I want to preserve each and every selfie which I have taken with her.

Initially I thought we will do this as a monthly activity where I would share her growing up months and my wrinkles πŸ˜€ but somehow that couldn’t happen. But sometimes I look back and wonder how fast she is growing up and to preserve all the beautiful memories I definitely need to take lot more selfies with her.

All these selfies will be my gift to her and thanking her for coming in our life and making it so beautiful. Life with her is nothing less than magical and I completely feel blessed and fortunate to have her in my life.

Anamika sureka malik+anvika malik
So Before donating this selfie I am leaving some note for my little darling πŸ™‚

Dear Anvika,
Today you are quite young to understand what I am writing here πŸ™‚  Soon you will grow up and if you happen to read this post  then do remember that everyday spent with you is a blessing for momma and Daddy. This selfie is the proof of how much fun we have every day with you and how much you mean to us πŸ™‚
Stay blessed baby and have a beautiful beautiful life.

Here is a beautiful video on #donateaselfie and spread love and cheer which made me quite emotional and write this post.

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