Diet plan for working girls and women

Most of the time a working woman will eat at odd hours and munch on snacks and junk or whatever she can lay her hands on.
working women
All these bad habits start showing after few years and then most of us start worrying about it. More than weight loss, health is important if we won’t have good health then how will we manage to even run or exercise to lose weight?
If we maintain a good dietary habit then we can easily save us from many complications which lie ahead because of unhealthy food habit.
An ideal day chart of a working woman can go like this:-
7 a.m– Start your day with warm lemon juice. Just take a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze one lemon in it.You can add honey into it if you want.
7:30a.m– You can start off with tea and biscuits. Never drink tea empty stomach as it leads to acidity. Eat digestive biscuits which provide fibre to the body.
8:00a.m– You can have your breakfast which should be the heaviest. Some of the breakfast ideas can be:-
(i) Idli sambhar
(ii)Two chapatis with sabzi
(iii)  Brown bread sandwiches with juice
(iv)Oats, corn flakes or wheat flakes with some fruits.
11:30 am which is your mid-day snack you can fresh fruit juice.This will speed up the fat absorption.You can have 2 biscuits or nuts so that you do not go heavy with the lunch.
2:00p.m– You can have a moderate lunch which should be lighter than your breakfast.Include salad, two chapatis, Dal or sabzi.You can have brown rice too if you like it.
Between 4.00 to 5.00p.m– this is your mid evening snack you can take popcorn without butter, roasted nuts or half sandwich. Nuts make you feel full and therefore are an ideal way to stop you from munching.
8:00pm-Dinner should be the lightest meal of your day. It is said that one should have a beggar meal in dinner. Beggar eats whatever small amount of food which they can manage. Do not eat more than one chapati in your dinner and include soups, salad and one dal or one sabji.
Take a glass of warm milk before you go to bed.This makes you feel full and you will not have to fight with constipation.
Idea is to speed up your metabolism and in the mean while keeping you fit and your skin beautiful which can be achieved when you eat small meals after every 2 hours and do some exercises.

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11 thoughts on “Diet plan for working girls and women”

  1. you have written breakfast at 8..i usually skip my breakfast and have lunch at 12.not pretty healthy i think..need to change it..also, my dinner is late .round 10..phew..

  2. mmm you going all wrong i guess:DBreakfast should be king size , lunch a common and dinner early like a beggar..actually most of us starv out self in the morning and we always prefer taking heavy meals that upset our metabolism.

  3. Indeed when having a full time job is hard to lose weight. A very important aspect is to avoid eating some unhealthy foods as fast food and so on.

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips coz my aim is to accomplish ideal weight as soon as possible. I used to skip few meals with this desire but felt unhealthy and lost the glow on my face. Hope this plan will show its wonders. Initially when I started, I had a doubt about what weight is ideal for me. While searching for the same, I came across this article. It’s a good share. If anyone wishes to know the ideal weight for his body, just go through this article once

  5. Hiii… Thanks for this beautiful diet and easy to follow diet plan… i wanted to ask about intake of green tea in our routine or diet… plzz respond..

  6. But this dies does seem favorable in terms of protein intake, Can you suggest something on adding more proteins

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