Dear Anvika – Letter To My Daughter (You are 8)

Hi Anvika,

You are 8 today and growing up so fast. I can’t believe I announced my pregnancy here on this blog . and everybody was so excited and now you are EIGHTTTTT. I always will be thankful to God for having you. I sometimes feel what good did I do to have you. You might not believe it but you inspire me in so many ways.

You are a voracious reader and it makes me so proud as I always wished and tried my best to make you one. You are fond of PJs just like your father and fond of maths like him. You are confident and you look just like me. What more could I ask for from God.

You like to solve puzzles and just learnt rubik’s cube. I am so proud of you my child .Sometimes I visualise the day when you will leave for your higher studies or you might wish to move out and live your own .Thinking that I hug and kiss you more and I am glad you love hugs too.I hope you continue to do so (But only from the family and friends)

You are kind and so logical that I try to do everything right else I am afraid you are going to question me 😀

The time which I love the most is traveling with you and your father and all that traveling has given you such vast knowledge of the world at such a tender age. Sometimes you ask me questions which honestly I have to google but I try to keep myself updated. Trying my best to be relevant for you and not outdated.

I wish I have another kid it will have to be just like you although the possibility is very less. No one can be like Amazing Anvika ever.Now I am also trying to change my self from being a caring mom to a supporting friend and a friend who troubles you and you give me back. It makes me super happy.

With time I am getting more fit because I want to be there for you. I want to be a mom who is always by your side whenever you need support.

Whatever path you take in your life you can always count on me loving you and believing in you.

lots of love



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