All Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks Haul & Swatches

All Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks

All Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks Haul& Swatches

Hey hey hey! I am again in a happy mood to know the reason why, you people need to wait for a while.

But before that let me all tell you about the latest movie release. I saw Bang Bang on 3rd and wow is what I feel about kit. First and foremost getting the desired ticket gave me a big feel of accomplishment as everywhere it was running houseful even on advance booking. And oh my gosh Hrithik was so damn hot in the movie, total jaw dropping moment were the two songs. All in all it was a full paisa vasool.

By the way this post is not a movie review nor is the reason behind my unbound happiness. Well our active Santa aka Anamika realized that the Blast From The Past series was almost coming to an end and she then sponsored some beautiful lippies for me. Lipsticks are so close to my heart and this idea of Anamika pleased me to the chore. She gave me an awesome opportunity to have all the Maybelline colorshow lipsticks. Isn’t it great?

Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks

You all must have by now become very curious to see those lipsticks. So here we go:

About Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick :

Get runway-ready lips with MNY Color Show Lip Colors, brilliant lipsticks straight from the New York Fashion Week. The Maybelline Color Show lipstick range has lip colors in four stunning hues – reds, pinks, browns and mauves. Offering 27 shades, this lip color range has a lipstick for every mood! The Color Show lipsticks have vibrant color pigments and a soft, non-sticky texture. The best part is that they also moisturize your lips, keeping them soft and supple!

Price: INR 299

Net Wt: 3.6 gm.

Shelf Life: 3 years

All Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks

Packaging: These lipsticks come in a shiny black plastic packaging and the cap click shuts firmly. Their packaging actually take to the days when usually all lipsticks had this black colored rectangular packaging, typical old school types.

The new thing that you shall see in its packaging is the colored bands. Maybelline has basically divided all its 27 shades in four categories i.e., Mauves with purple bands, Pinks with pink bands, Red with Red bands and Browns with brown bands.

All Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick

Also the base of each lipstick has a color coded sticker which makes it easy to identify the lipstick in the stash.

Texture: All the lipsticks have very soft and smooth texture and are applied effortlessly. For the price this texture incomparable. These apply like breeze and stays for long too.

Shades Offered:

Maybelline offers a total of 27 shades divided into four categories that is Mauves, Reds, Pinks and Browns.

Pink Shades

The pink category has five shades to be offered, they are:

Maybelline colorshow lipstick Pink Band


  • 103 Crushed Candy; Read review here.
  • 109 Violet Fusion; Read review here.
  • 110 Fuchsia Flare; Read review here.
  • 111 Midnight Pink; Read review here.
  • 112 Fuchsia Fantasy; Read review here.

Maybelline colorshow lipstick Pink Band swatches

Red Shades

The red category has seven shades to be offered, they are:

Red Band Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick

Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick Red Band

  • 202 Red My Lips; Read review here.
  • 204 Red Diva; Read review here.
  • 207 Cherry Crush; Read review here.
  • 208 Ruby Twilight; Read review here.
  • 209 Red Velvet; Read review here.
  • 210 Wine Festival; Read review here.
  • 211 Red Rush; Read review here.

Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick Red Band swatches

Brown Shades

The brown category has seven shades to be offered, they are:

Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick Brown Band

Brown Band Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick

  • 310 Nutty Cookie; Read review here.
  • 311 Coffee Break; Read review here.
  • 312 Hot Chocolate; Read review here.
  • 313 Choco-Latte; Read review here.

Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick Brown Band swatches

The other three shades from this category are already been reviewed on the blog, they are:

  • 306 Cream Caramel; Read review here.
  • 308 Orange Icon; Read review here.
  • 309 Carmel Custard; Read review here.

Mauve Shades

The mauve category has eight colors to be offered, they are:

Maybelline colorshow lipstick Purple Band

Purple Band Maybelline colorshow lipstick

  • 402 Plum-Tastic; Read review here.
  • 404 Forever Mauve; Read review here.
  • 405 Violet delight; Read review here.
  • 406 Fall In Mauve; Read review here.
  • 407 Mauve Power; Read review here.
  • 408 Burgundy Blend; Read review here.
  • 409 Violet Vibe; Read review here.
  • 410 Wine Divine; Read review here.

Maybelline colorshow lipstick Purple Band swatches

I also received two freebies with this purchase, a transparent orange sling bag and a maybelline TWIGGY compact mirror. The freebies are so cute and useful.

Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks haul freebie

I am loving the whole haul and really looking forward to the fun job i.e., the reviews.

You guys stay tuned for the reviews and in the meanwhile choose your favorite shades.

Buy Maybelline Colorshow lipsticks from here

Have you tried Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick?


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      1. Hi Anamika!
        I would love to work for you. I am a writer and an editor. How can I apply to work for WiseShe?♥ What is the procedure?

        Have a great day!

        Love & Regards,

  1. Ritika u always do justice to the lipstick swatches <3 and by the way u r the only one who praised bang bang like anything..:P

  2. wow.. you picked up entire range.. I got one for karwachauth Fuchsia Flare and staying power is really good. They have maintained quality at such price. I liked Cherry Crush too

  3. thankyou for posting.actually i am looking for revlon lip butter pink truffle(rs.600) dupe(cheap lipstick).pink truffle is my lips but better colour.and choco-latte is very close to pink truffle which is for rs.299 only

  4. Hello, does anybody know where in Switzerland, Germany or Europe I can buy I/order gorgeous lipstick maybelline coffee break 311 an hot chocolate 312?


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