All About Aqua Hair Treatment | Aqua Boost Treatment

Steps in Aqua Hair Treatment Aqua Boost Treatment

All About Aqua Hair Treatment | Aqua Boost Treatment

When I heard about this treatment from the salon lady I had no idea about it. At first it seemed to be just a fancy name for the regular hair spa only costlier because of the fancy name. Well, I didn’t get it done but asked as to what it does for the hair and what is the need for such a treatment. So here I am putting down all that info I have about this particular treatment. I also happened to search some of the products which you can try for this aqua boost treatment for your damaged hair.

Steps in Aqua Hair Treatment Aqua Boost Treatment

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About Aqua Hair Treatment

Initially, Shiseido Professionals started this salon intensive treatment but many exclusive salons have come up with similar hair treatments which are effective in keeping the hair deeply hydrated, smooth & shiny.


As the name suggests, this treatment is mainly for the dry & lifeless hair which need deep hydration.

kerastase aqua oleum treatment

It is like quenching the thirst of dry hair which is in intense need of a great amount of hydration. The Aqua Hydration Treatment is targeted to deeply moisturize damaged hair. This lasts for at least 4-5 weeks depending upon how much stress your hair undergoes.

This treatment deeply moisturizes ever strand of hair from root til the ends. This moisture is locked in with special treatment products used during the process. It is like having the salon treated hair everyday after getting this Aqua Hair Treatment.

aqua hair treatment

Who Should Get This?

For all those women who undergo regular coloring, hair styling, curling etc. this hair treatment is mostly recommended on such damaged & dry hair. For those who have dry hair this Aqua Hair Treatment can bring about the much needed change in the hair texture.  You can get this done without going for semi permanent options like Keratin Or Hair Rebonding.

Steps in  Aqua Hair Treatment | Aqua Boost Treatment

First of all, the hair is washed with an Aqua Intensive shampoo to remove any impurities and  product build-up from the scalp. Basically it is done so that the treatment works more efficiently. After hair wash, the hair strands become light with an airy finish.

  • The next step involves using a foamy solution with royal jelly extracts which is applied from the root till the ends to nourish & moisturize every strand of hair.
  • After that a milk-based solution is applied which locks in moisture in the hair. It also repairs any damage providing strength to the hair. Next step is to steam the scalp for a few minutes and prepare the hair for the next step ahead.
  • The final step has a mask like cream applied on the steamed scalp. It helps in better absorption as the steaming process opens up the pores.
  • The next step which follows is that the hair is given a quick rinse and is carefully blow dried. But before that it is treated with a protective leave-in oil which keeps the hair tangle-free & smoother.

I am sure this treatment is mostly available in the high end salons as of now! So now you can get to know more about it on your next salon visit.


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