6 Actresses Who Went for Skin Whitening Treatment

actresses whitening

6 Actresses Who Went for Skin Whitening Treatment

Hey Gurrls!

Do some of you dream of turning fair and lovely :-P. In my view, being fair and lovely is not related. If you talk in physical terms, its your features that matter in making you look pretty and not your skin tone. Also with age a girl becomes prettier. Even I find myself looking much better than my teens and college days.

But when it comes to complexion, we all know Indians’ obsession with fair skin. You cannot be beautiful if you are not fair.

I know this fetish even more now as I’m married to a fair man and all my In-laws are very fair but there are no issues in the immediate family. Problem arises when some relative sees me and says to my MIL- “Your Bahu is dark”. I immediately feel like punching them in the face but thankfully my MIL doesn’t take such comments seriously or I would have also undergone a fairness treatment πŸ˜‰

It is an everyday situation for many girls so how can our very own Bollywood actresses be spared. Many of them have got their complexion lightened. I appreciate Chitrangada Singh (Read Makeup And Beauty Secrets Of Chitrangada Singh) for staying the way she is but even she is shown to be fair in many magazines.

These are some actresses who went for skin whitening treatment-

Deepika Padukone

actress whitening

She is the latest Bollywood diva to go white. I saw her suddenly turning white after she endorsed a fairness cream. She really did not need it. Even though I’m a huge fan, I don’t like her idea of endorsing a fairness product. Deepika has stunning features and an innocent face. She was well received everywhere way before she underwent this skin bleaching. I liked her better with her flawless honey skin.

deepika padukone from dark to fair

Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra dark skin

She is the queen of cosmetic procedures though she never accepts it. There is too much difference in her since her starting days that it is impossible to ignore. Priyanka turned white probably because she found her dusky complexion to be an obstacle in her way to success. She endorsed a fairness cream many years ago with Saif Ali Khan even though she has mentioned many times that she was not well received in her family of fair-skinned people. I believe that Priyanka’s inferiority complex led her to go fair. Read Priyanka Chopra Share Her Secret Beauty DIYs

priyanka chopre whitening treatment


kajol dark skin

An immensely talented actress like Kajol got skin whitening treatment. It shows that film industry is not very unforgiving of dark complexion. Her big beautiful eyes and killer smile were enough to enchant people but still she got her skin lightened. Also readΒ  Beauty, Makeup & Fitness Secrets of Kajol Devgan

kajol dark to light


young sridevi dark skin

This South-Indian beauty with super-pretty eyes went for whitening treatment probably to fit in the Hindi film industry. Sridevi has been working since she was a child and the difference in her skin tone is clearly visible. 25 Stunning Looks Of Sridevi

sridevi skin lightening

Hema Malini

bollywood actresses whitening treatment

Hema Malini has also been working since she was very young. As beautiful as she is, even she couldn’t contain herself from getting lightened. I don’t think she needed it as she looked pretty earlier and continues to look so.

bollywood fairness treatment


actresses whitening

She has transformed herself from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Apart from cosmetic surgeries, Rekha took the help of skin whitening treatments to look better. From looking at the pictures, I can see that surgeries were enough to make her prettier.

rekha before and after

What do you think of these celebrities and their fairness?

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60 thoughts on “6 Actresses Who Went for Skin Whitening Treatment”

  1. OMG wat an eye opener!!! But sadly dat is the truth of our society.. πŸ™
    M amazed by the posts u get for us Maitri πŸ™‚

  2. no matter how educated we are…we still get mad at ppl who are very fair.
    i srsly get annoyed when i see makeup artists and sales associates wearing makeup in much lighter color.
    currently i can hardly see new faces in bollywood with beautiful warm and dusky skin.

    1. yes u r right and i m the biggest fan of u mam i love u r dance and my favourite song of urs is desikalakar.

  3. Maitri darling, I like your articles but I don’t think it is justified to pick up an 11 year old Sridevi’s pic and compare that to her 50 year old picture. I don’t think you will find any similarity between a kid and a middleaged woman wheather she is Sridevi or Sharon Stone

    That being said, Some like Deepika have visibly lightened their skin over the years, it is quite evident.

    Others like Priyanka or Kajol sometimes look much lighter than they actually are because of makeup,harsh lighting etc.

    1. This is exactly why I chose a pic of young Sridevi. I v already mentioned that features do change with age. The point is to show her complexion which remains same if one doesn’t get treated

  4. Well I think dis entire skin whitening business in India will be there as long as our MIL’s continue to search for fair bahus πŸ˜›

  5. Shilpa Shetty Kundra ? I know she is not an actress now , but see the drastic difference in terms of makeover she has bought. A complete diva she looks , a business magnet !! . Like Rekha the procedures she underwent , only added to her beauty .. Yes hats off to Chitrangada for remaining what she is .. A very nice post πŸ™‚

    1. Oh ya! I missed Shilpa, slipped out of my mind. She too has definitely got herself whitened.
      Thanks for liking the post

  6. Ritika Basotia Duggal

    I wish that des actresses see ds post…. they shud know that we are not fools , v can figure out wats original and wats made up…
    I really hates such relatives,, they have got nothing to do in der lives but they try to make sure that they upset someone πŸ™

  7. Its hard to believe but the pictures prove it all…and priyanka is a a plastic queen for sure, I am shocked to see deepika as well another diff in her are the thick and bold brows which few years back were completely opposite. And I just saw Ash’s pic in Cannes 2014 and she looks so fair in it all of a sudden, and then kajol says she has not done any skin lightening but staying at home and away from sun has made the change as all her tan from the past years has come off LOL who will believe it…

  8. If you comapre Kajol of Baazigar from what she is today, and if that is the result of staying indoors only then Iam not going to step out of my home from tomorrow onwards πŸ˜€

  9. good article,
    @ neetu, you have mentioned kajol’s at home treatment and aishwarya Cannes showoff – i too thought these while reading this article .. πŸ™‚

  10. The thing is, is that a makeup artist can transform your Features as Well as your skin tone. There are some pics where i am Super fair and others where i look blush and I am a fair skinned indian. IT Also depends on lighting etc


    1. Hi tabassum…i was going thru various blogs……. my reply is kind of pretty late but still it might help you and others,if you r reading this… anyways…. their secret of becoming white/fair is…. they intake Glutathione…….you can search for its more information… I hope it help…

      1. To Helen ..I agree…and I am damn sure actresses specially like dipika and others including Shilpa also have underwent skin whitening treatment but that is not the case with Priyanka as her complxoon still looks as dusky and beautiful as her earlier days though she has gone through nose job which was pretty much required for her to get perfect features and survive in the industry but who said she does not accept this..she herself accept that she has underwent plastic surgery that too in a very cool manner like the way she is in her speech with india today at mind rocks event not like dipika who is so insecure that she can not even accept the fact in public that her beauty Is not natural…so cheers to Priyanka…dusky beauty :*

  12. I am so black.what are the treatment s to become white and fair?where the skin lightning treatments are done?is that treatment ar permanent? Pls tell way to become white

  13. – each of these have lost respect in my eyes Ò€¦
    – To geer (the poster above) – I don’t know you but I am certain you are beautiful as is – You want to make your skin fair so please the section of society (shallow minded individuals ) . Society has put it in your head that dark is not-beautiful .. get rid of such thoughts — start to FEEL beautiful and I promise you will forget that you wanted fair skin.
    – I grew up with an inferior complexity Ò€¦ was forced to hear bad comments from all over – this was in India. At 24 I got married and came to USA – the minute I stepped in to this country I felt beautiful .. I ditched fairness creams – I realized for the first time in my life what beauty is. I am almost 40 now .. I love my skin and I can not forget peoples nasty attitude to dark skinned people that I had to endure – I pray that it changes some day Ò€¦ I would like to think that things have changed in India now.
    – dark is NOT ugly — ‘ugly duckling’ — Rekha ?? – who I believe was never ugly .. was beautiful then and still is (looks a bit plastic now but thats her wish so ok)

    1. india is not america. it is wayyyy behind in how people think there. the country is way too influenced by media and religion. in america, it is all about equal rights and celebrating individuality, not what an ad from revlon tells you.

  14. I am a dark lady…26yrs old…I feel uncomfortable when I was in fair woman….it is truth that fair lady is beautiful than black……and all say this…..any treatment is there?…plz don’t solace me

  15. Nice article.
    I don’t get the obsession with the fair complexion. every girl is beautiful and a dusky complexion looks exotic and ideal for makeup.
    Women should start taking pride and should feel good in their own skin.

  16. Even thought the whole of India is obsessed with fairness, north Indians are the ultimate fair wannabes, for them light skin is beautiful not the features which frame ones face! A few times when I have been to India some (not all) relatives are always like: ‘oh the younger ones (youngest sister) is fair the but older 2 (me & me other sister) are dark aww poor them’. And I love being dusky I just wish to have flawless skin not ‘fair’ skin!! Anyway god help them I think any skin colour is pretty, each individual is gorgeous in their own unique way!! Many foreigners crave to be tanned, like indians!! so why are we pushing our naturalness & indianess away??!! I agree all actresses above looked fab as their dusky selves…but the industry or is it their own minds I don’t know?? …

  17. I don’t understand why we Indians have such plastic and limited definition for a beauty of a woman. Do we need to change the look gifted by God to gain acclamation from others. Fair skin is just a parameter and not a definition.

  18. But I have question where does these actress go for skin whitening.Who is taht doctor who does his job so perfectly

  19. Does these serum has side effects
    like if we stop using it, will it make
    our skin dark again? , my colour is dark please
    suggest me whitening cream

  20. Ladies, rest assured that the skin colour goes back to dark once the treatment stops and no doctor can allow anyone to continue treatment indefinitely for fear of cancer etc. Disregard photographs in magazines or even movies as these have been photoshopped and tampered with to a huge extent. If you look at youtube videos on these “fair” stars attending events or being interviewed etc. you will notice they are considerably darker in real life than they are portrayed in the media. Kajol does not look that much fairer after treatment. Currently I am watching ABC network’s Quantico starring Priyanka Chopra. She looks completely different than how she is portrayed in Bollywood! Clearly she has had a bad nose job, she is definitely a nice tan colour and the back of her neck is pretty dark. She looks like an attractive but quite ordinary girl next door. Perhaps she did not have the luxury of calling the shots in this show but I am sure she is being paid at least $250,000 per episode and there have been 11 episodes so far and more to come, so she certainly did not mind being shown as a normal Indian woman as opposed to a carefully cultivated Bollywood star!
    Anyway, the fact of the matter is that there are glutathione and other chemicals that can reduce skin pigmentation to a certain extent but it is not sustainable esp if used intravenously, however one can certainly ingest glutathione as an anti oxidant to boost one’s system without doing any harm. I love my medium brown skin colour, I have never had a complex about it, even when I lived in India and esp not after living in California where tan is the most coveted colour. I understand and get why people are so obsessed with fairness, not just in India but in so many other countries including Japan, but it is important to understand that skin colour is not who you are are, but just a small part of who you are. It is more important to be healthy and have great skin & hair and a strong body. Believe me, when you get to be my age 58 and most people think I am 38-48, you will not care about how brown your skin is when you are standing next to a “fair” and not so slim woman and you are rocking that hair and hard body in the latest fashion! Love yourself now and you will love yourself more when you get older.

  21. This is bizarre. All fairness creams should be banned. Who says only fair is lovely? Be comfortable in your own skin colour. “Stay Unfair… Stay Beautiful”

  22. My friends tell me m beautiful.But I always get sad wen I c my skin colour..it’s not that much dark…but still dark…so I always used to thought that, they r sayin to boost my confidence or something else …but today reading this article…m Ò˜º

  23. Bullshit! Seriously. First at all you took pictures which have 30 years difference 2. Calling priyanka a surgery queen is so disrespectful and rude as it is a big lie!!! Just compare the pictures clearly. You will see that only her nose changed.

  24. even here in northeast we are badly obsessed with fair skin, all chinese korean thai products on sale! and yes glutathione is taken too I have seen dark girls become white and since here majority have light skinned being dark makes you easy target for taunting really sad!

  25. My skin tone is wheatish and i love it so much being fair is not ultimate.Having Good facial feature height is worthwhile. Diversity is beautiful

  26. Hi I’m so confused I try more cream but it’s not work my skin iz dark but I want to change so I try more cream but all creams r not work so plz anybody tell the right cream plz tell me skin whitening cream πŸ™

    1. Hi im not saying that fair skin is better than dark skin or vice versa but i am using sisley product particularly the masks…although my intention is not to whitening skin, my skin becomes visibly fairer…so if that is what you want you can use it too… since i live in Malaysia its easy to get it…im not sure whether you can get it in India but maybe you can try online..

    2. Don’t use skin whitening cream.it gives sweetness at first but cause bitterness into your life later. It cause many skin issues .especially redness rashes n visible blood vessels ext.

  27. I’m 22 now.i was using skin whitening cream for past 3 years.i got redness on my cheek whenever I step out from home . I stopped using it for past 1 week. After stopping using it causes itching on my face n cause severe acne n pimples. Is lactocalamine will help me to get rid of?

  28. The problem lies in oneself. Most actresses change their skin tone because of the criticism they receive and when they do they are criticized in the same way. It’s like forcing a person to eat chocolate and then recriminating him for that. Even in this same post where he says that Rekha went from being an “ugly duckling” to a “splendid woman” thanks to the excessive beauty treatments and surgeries, he is being racist … of course, and then they say “but why is it Whiten the skin if they looked so cute with their dark skin? ”
    Pure hypocrisy.

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