3 Best Ways To Use Patanjali Ubtan | Patanjali Ubtan Review & Benefits

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3 Best Ways To Use Patanjali Ubtan | Patanjali Ubtan Review & Benefits

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying the summertime! Today, I am here with the review of Patanjali Ubtan and three different ways to use it. I was asked to try this product by one of the scoopwhoop editor who asked me to write about few of my favorite Baba ramdev products. Since I do try lot of Patanjali products I thought I should try this and share the review with my Wise She family.

patanjali body ubtan for skin fairness

Moreover, in a country like India, you cannot ignore Ubtan as it is already quite intrinsic to our culture. It is used during weddings is what we know but it has been used traditionally as a skin purifier and enhancer is something very amazing to know.

body ubtan

Let me quickly share the ingredients of this ubtan, it helped me a lot in deciding to use it more regularly. I already have consumed one pack and this is my second one.

patanjali body ubtan review

It contains the following products which have their own benefits that I have listed alongside.

  • Cuddaph Almond or Chironji which is good for skin fairness and is part of many beauty products. It is also good for improving complexion.
  • Red lentils which are good for blemishes and also a good source of protein.
  • It also has Barley which is the source of coolness. This pack gives you a cool feel which is a boon in summer.
  • Mustard seeds which moisturize the skin and help prevent skin ageing.
  • Soybean for their protein effect. Rice Powder which is good for exfoliation. Almonds which are a skin’s best friend with their vitamins. Turmeric for skin enhancement
  • Camphor for their amazing aroma and coolness.

facial ubtan

This product is definitely going to make foreign audience crazy as these people are more curious to use these ayurvedic and herbal products even more than us Indians! It would sell like hot cakes.

Body ubtan is definitely better than body wash which you would realize once you see the three methods shared below.

Method 1 – Patanjli products for dry skin:-

Take two to three tbsp of ubtan and add a few drops of essential oil to it. Though this pack does contain camphor but it might lose its fragrance midway. Adding this essential oil apart from the benefits also adds to the comfort of the aroma. You can also add a few drops of coconut oil to this mixture and make it even more effective. You can maintain the consistency as per your choice and so it can be thick or running, as you may like it.

patanjali body ubtan price

Apply this on your face and body and see the miraculous effect! Oily skin people, please move to the next pack as this one is not your type and might add to your oily skin woes.

patanjali body ubtan ingredients

Method 2 – Patanjali For Oily Skin :-

If you have an oily skin, you can use the ubtan with a few drops of lemon juice or rose water. You could also use both. The rest remains the same and you can apply this ubtan freely.

patanjali body ubtan benefits

Method 3 – Short on time ?

This method is for anyone and everyone with lack of time. I use it most of the times. This one is the easiest and works as an exfoliation for my skin. All you need is ubtan and water in desired consistency. When I use it, I take it directly under the tap water, with ubtan on my palms. Mixing it with water and applying as it is gives the mild exfoliation that my skin needs. A few minutes of massaging and I am done!

patanjali body ubtan how to use

I hope you like the three methods, do try this product and share your reviews.


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22 thoughts on “3 Best Ways To Use Patanjali Ubtan | Patanjali Ubtan Review & Benefits”

      1. Hi Monica,
        You can buy this ubtan from any patanjali store. This is great for whole body but if you have sensitive skin then don’t use it on your face.

    1. Consult your doctor before applying anything on your face especially when you have PCOS. Secondly, if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, don’t use this on your face. Patanjali Ubtan is meant for your body and so should be used like that only! But if you have totally normal skin and your doctor recommends it then go ahead.

  1. Hlo mAm

    I have a dry skin in winter but now it seems it’s combination skin.. suddenly I can see pimples n rashes coming out ND it’s leaving a mark so plz suggest me somthing.. and also I have some pigmentation around my lips

  2. Initial release of Patanjali Body Ubtan was very effective since the mixture was not finely powdered but now it is finely powdered so i am feeling its not that effective. Could anyone say what is the reason to change?

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