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Yes, yes, you clicked on the right post. It is about MAC. This brand is like old wine- the older it gets, the better products they are coming up with. MAC has a number of famous products that is every girl’s dream to have. Their products are really versatile and come in a vast shade range to suit every kind of skin tone!

bridal lips by mac

Whether you are fair or dark, MAC has something for you to cheer. But if you are a newbie in terms of MAC makeup and wondering what to buy from their shelves, considering their hefty price tag, I have some options for you! This post is just about MAC and the Top 25 products you can have from their stores! Keep on scrolling.

mac frost lipstick

25 Mac Products with Price:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation:

mac foundation

Price: INR 5740

Mac Studio Fix Foundation is every makeup lover’s baby. This foundation has a number of shade ranges and is perfect for every skin type. This foundation is for all skin types and forms a smooth finish on the skin. This baby right here makes your skin so even and perfect, that you really can’t have any second thoughts about it while repurchasing.

Mac Pro conceal Palette – medium deep:

mac concealer and pro palette

Price: INR 6076

MAC Pro Conceal Palette is an all round palette that can help you to colour correct, conceal as well as contour your face. This is available in 3 shades – Light, medium and deep so that every girl can find their gorgeous match!

MAC Bronzing Powder – Matte Bronze:

mac bronzer

Price: INR 2300

Mac Bronzing powder gives a subtle, sun- kissed look that accentuates the beautiful you with some tanned features. This is a very typical Mac formulation that is suitable for all skin types. This has light bronzing particles and is available in a variety of shade ranges for all complexions.

Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Natural:

mac makeup

price: 1095 INR

This is by far the best compact powder available in the Indian market. Though this baby comes with a hefty price tag, it is worth every penny. This compact just sets your foundation and make it really long lasting. Moreover, it mattifies skin making it less oily. It also gives an even toned complexion making complexion radiant.

Mac Studio Finish Skin Corrector:

mac corrector

This is an orange corrector from Mac that will conceal and correct all your dark circles. This is the perfect corrector to go for before applying foundation and concealer.

Mac Strobe Liquid Cream:

mac strobe lotion

price: 2700 INR

Strobing is in fashion and what better to be in trend than to have a product like this in your hand? Yes, I am talking about the Mac Strobe Liquid Lotion that is a perfect cream based lotion suitable for all skin types. This lotion is makes strobing and highlighting so much easier all its glitter elements that are apt for the glam you!

Mac Blush:

This blush from Mac is available in 16 shades which are suitable for all skin types. These are priced at 1950 INR which is a little heavy on the pocket but when you get such good quality, price becomes a secondary thing. The shades have light glitters in it which is not at all overpowering and works perfectly fine to all skin types. The colours are so diverse that there is one blush tone for every occasion. Below are some of my favourite blushes:


mac blush

This is a deep brown

pink shade and will suit medium to dusky skin tones.


This is a deep pink blush and will be suitable for all skin types.

Well dressed:

This baby will be suitable for fair skin tones as it has cooler pink undertones.


This is a baby pink colour and is suitable for fair to medium tone complexions.

MAC ProSculpting Cream Naturally Defined contouring makeup:

MAC ProSculpting Cream Naturally Defined Review+contouring makeup

This baby right here does the work of contouring beautifully if you have a medium Indian skin tone complexion. This pro sculpting cream is suitable for all skin types and spreads beautifully due to its cream formula.

Mac Brush Cleanser:

mac brush cleanser

price: 950 INR

Are you tired of cleaning your brushes with ordinary cleansers that ruin your babies after some washes? Then here is a perfect solution for you! Mac Brush cleanser is specially made for all types of brushes and its formula prevent them from shedding.

Mac Oval Brush:

mac oval brush

How can we talk of a brush cleanser and not about brushes? This oval brush from Mac is among the variety of brushes available in its brush range. I admit that all of them are quite expensive but when you love makeup, you need to invest on good brushes and Mac surely has some awesome collection!

Mac Mineralize Charge Skin Hydrating Mist Review:

This is a unique product from Mac which is a hydrating face mist. I know many people don’t know about this product but when you are a reader of Wiseshe, you need to be the one ahead, This is a perfect product from the Skin Mineralize range which helps in getting refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Mac Fathoms Deep Eyeshadow:

price: 1600 INR

Just take a moment and appreciate the colour! This is one of the Extra Dimension Eyeshadow range from Mac and it is just gorgeous!!! The colours are super pigmented and yes, they are long lasting too. Though a bit heavy on the pocket, this baby will last really long.

Mac Prep and Prime Finishing powder:

MAC Prep+Prime Finishing powder Review+ mac finishing powder

price: 2000 INR

This is a finishing powder that can be worn over makeup or by itself for reducing shine of the face. This finishing powder is available in a compact form and is easy to carry around. This can be used by all oily skin beauties who have a complaint about oily skin and patchy makeup.

Mac Lip Pencil:

price: 1450 INR

This is the lip liner pencil from Mac and just believe me, this is the best in class you can find. It’s so smooth and glides on your lips. You can apply this beneath your lip colour and it will give such an amazing finish to it!

Now coming towards the lipstick for which is Mac most famous!

The lipsticks are mainly matte and have a beautiful colour payoff in them. They are suitable for all skin types and are perfect with any sort of outfit. Listing some of my favourite lipsticks from Mac with their price!

Mac relentlessly Red:

price: 1500 INR

This is the perfect red colour if you are looking for a warm toned red.

Mac Ruby woo:

price: 1500 INR

Ruby Woo is the ultimate red colour one can ever find. It is definitely one of the treasures of Mac cosmetics.

Mac Diva:

price: 1500 INR

Mac Diva is a matte purple shade that is perfect for fall season. It will suit all skin types.

Mac Mehr:

MAC Mehr lipstick reviews+mac mehr lipstick review+mehr lipsticks

Price: 1500 INR

Mac Mehr is a pinkish nude colour that is suitable for all skin types.

Mac Lady danger:

MAC Lipstick Lady Danger

price: 1500 INR

Lady Danger is another orange based red that is absolutely stunning.

Mac Twig:lipstick Twig review

price: 1500 INR

This is one of my all time favourites. Mac Twig is the perfect choice for summers.

Mac red Balloon:

mac lipstick red balloon

price: 1500 INR

Mac Red Balloon is a pink based red that looks stunning on all skin types.

Mac Vegas Volt:MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick

Price: 1500 INR

This is peachy pink colour that will look good on fair to medium skin tones.

And with this, we come to the end.


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  1. anuradha tandon

    A few prices are missing – could you please update?

    And thank you, this makes a great page to save 🙂

  2. the products are pricey but then the quality is really great,especially the lipsticks if one tends to wear on a regular basis then mac is the best

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