18 Hairstyles To Go With Ethnic Wear

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18 Hairstyles To Go With Ethnic Wear

Since the past 1-2 months, Wiseshe has been posting different makeup looks and styling tips to help you glam yourself up in the coming festive season. But beside makeup, dress and accessories, you also need a perfect hairstyle to match your ethnic wears.

So today I’ll be listing my favorite top 18 hairstyles which are perfect fits for desi looks.

A clean bun

bun with puff celebrity style

There is nothing more sophisticated than a clean bun. It complements Indian ethnic attire really well.

Elegant bun with flowers

floral bun hairstyle

Traditional Indian women are often seen with normal hand buns which are decorated by beautiful flowers and hair accessories. The women look no less than a queen in this traditional hairstyle. The front portion of the hair is often puffed up for that voluminous look.

The pinned up buns

In pinned up buns, small quantity of hair are often pinned up on top of the head to create illusion of bun. This adds weight and volume to your look. This works great on women who don’t have enough long hair for the traditional bun look. This is a classic with a twist.

Messy bun

Messiness is everywhere. Want to give your saree a boho-chic twist? Then go for the messy buns instead of neat ones. Run your fingers through your hair. Make a messy front poof and secure with pins. Tie the rest of your hair in a messy bun and pin it.


the hairstyle
There can be two kinds of chignons, one messy chic and another one simple and neat. Just take your hair, twist and pin into a knot at the nape of the neck. The binding is more loosely done as compared to normal buns. These buns look super-chic.

Braid wrapped bun

hair braids bun

You can try this on the special occasions like weddings, reception parties. This goes really well with our traditional Indian attires as well as western outfits.

Side braid

Side-Swept Twisted Braid

A messy side braid is all you need to be the center of attraction. Take your hair to the side and start doing braids all the way down. Secure it with a tie. Fan out the braid by pressing it with fingers. And voila..!! You are done. You can do front poof side braids too. Braids look super-chic. And if you can make it the fishtail way and add some mess, you will look even prettier.

Crown braid

styled braid
Part your hair in the middle and start braiding from the nape of the neck as you move forward and secure it with a tie. Do this again on the opposite side. Now take the right braid and pin it on left and the left on right. This will give a crown like effect.

Waterfall braid

good looking braid
One of my most favorites. The cascading style works well on both shoulder length and long hair. Looking for a special hairstyle for a wedding or elegant occasion? This is your answer.

Twin bun with puff

Puff hairstyle
The bun is made into two sections with one bigger and the other smaller. There is a subtle puff at the top.

Traditional braid with flowers

kareena floral bun

Comb your hair and braid it in the traditional way. You can go for French braids too. Now decorate your braid with flower or small pearl pins.

Triple Braid:-

braid how to make
Another favorite and I sport this often. It is one of the simplest of braid hairstyles. Just split your hair into three sections and make three braids on each section. Now combine the three braids into one single braid and you are done.

Layered waves

waves layered
The long curls look absolutely gorgeous and give one a complete diva look anytime, and when cut in layers, it gives a relaxed, textured hairstyle.

Half up and half down

indian hairstyle
It is a go to hairstyle for many women and it look stunning with Indian attire. Rush your hair, detangle. Take the front portion of your hair from above the ears, pull them in the middle and secure with pins. You are done.

Side bun

 Side indian Bun
A messy side bun is all you need to be the centre of attraction. Comb your hair back into a low ponytail at the side of your neck. Start twisting and then wrap it around a low bun. You can also go for messy buns. Cute, simple and chic. And voila..!! You are done. You can do front poof side buns too.

Poof and Pony

awesome pony with poof
Front poof and pony is a go to hairstyle for many women. It is versatile and looks good with whatever you wear.

Braided knot bun

indian braid
Braid your hair and then style it into a knotted bun which is a perfect fit for this desi look.

Katniss hairbraid

hairstyle katniss
Katniss Everdeen is a fictional character and the protagonist of Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games trilogy. The braid hairstyle she sported became worldwide famous. Not only Katniss, this hairstyle looks awesome on Indian women too. Compliment your salwar suit with such an unique braid and gather complements.

So these are our top picks. Let us know your favorites..

Which one out of these did you like the most?

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  1. Beautiful hairstyles! the buns look great! I love it when the hair is up because it looks neat and sophisticated. Most especially, when the hair is up, it wouldn’t cover the face. It’s pretty! I enjoyed looking at the different styles and I would follow some of the braids!

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