15 Uses And Benefits Of Lacto Calamine

lacto calamine lotion

15 Uses And Benefits Of Lacto Calamine

Lacto calamine is a skincare cosmetic product which was introduced by a leading Pharmaceutical company and one of the renowned names in the field of health & beauty that is Piramal Healthcare. Uses Of Lacto Calamine For Face | Lacto Calamine Benefits

lacto calamine

Lacto Calamine is a moisturizing lotion and consists of ingredients like water, kaolin, glycerin, castor oil (Read Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair), zinc oxide, zinc carbonate etc. These ingredients are prominently used in the skincare regime by many people. Let’s find out about it in an elaborate way.

lactocalamine uses

Price: INR198 for 120ml

Lacto calamine consists of zinc oxide & zinc carbonate which in combination is known as Calamine. Calamine lotion was extensively used by the people since many years for the treatment of skin imperfections and repairing wounded skin. The zinc oxide used in this lotion helps in dealing with skin problems like damage from the sun & promotes skin healing. Zinc oxide is also known to combat pimples and reduce the acne formation.

The glycerin and castor oil present in the lotion add further to the benefits of this lotion by keeping the skin moisturized and acting upon the blemishes which exist on the skin. Amazing Uses Of Glycerin

castor oil

Kaolin present in the lotion helps the skin in providing a smooth texture to the skin and gives an instant soft and even skin tone after application.

kaolin powder

The zinc oxide & carbonate are effective in treating the allergies of the skin, if occurs. They also help in removing the dead cells of the skin and aid in the faster skin renewal process.

Uses & Benefits of Lacto Calamine

lacto calamine lotion

  • Lacto calamine is a perfect product for daily moisturizing needs. If you have dry skin, this lotion will keep your skin hydrated enough to give a nourished skin. In case you have an oily or combination type of skin, the Lacto calamine lotion which is specially formulated for controlling excess oil will be a better choice.

fairness cream

  • Lacto calamine also acts as an excellent makeup base because the lotion is fully absorbed by the skin so as to even out the skin and acts as a smooth base for applying makeup. 8 Hydrating Concealers For A Flawless Base

flawless base for face

  • This lotion is very good for skin which is prone to damage from the sun and other polluting agents as the calamine present as an ingredient acts on aiding the healing of the skin and is known to be very effective in sunburns.


  • Calamine is enriched with antiseptic properties and acts as a perfect astringent for minor skin problems and skin allergies.

lacto calamine

  • The presence of zinc oxides & carbonates in the lotion makes it an ideal lotion for protection against harmful sun rays.

dark spots due to sunrays

  • This lotion is also very effective in removing dead skin cells from the skin.

skin exfoliation

  • The glycerin present in this lotion helps in keeping the skin moisturized and prevents the skin from drying out.

smooth skin tone

  • The emulsifying ingredient of the lotion which is kaolin helps in giving a replenished skin and visibly improves the texture of the skin.

lip cream on fair skin

  • Being a cosmetic preparation, it is ensured that no harmful substance is added in the product which makes it an ideal choice of moisturizer for all types of skin.
  • If your skin is suffering from any rashes, redness or mosquito bites, this lotion is very effective on them and improves the condition of the skin in few applications itself.
  • Those beauties who are constantly battling with the problem of blackheads and are experiencing a tough time in getting rid of them, Lacto calamine proves to be a good lotion to solve their problem.

  • This lotion acts very effectively on the pimples and reduces their size after 2-3 uses as zinc oxide is known to inhibit the excess sebum production which is the causative factor of pimples on the skin.

effective on pimples

  • This lotion can be used as a moisturizer as well as a night cream to get soft and supple skin when you wake up in the morning. Anti-Ageing Moisturizers You Need To Use
  • If you are not very much into makeup and like to keep your skin like that, this is a perfect choice of lotion as it perfectly evens out the skin tone and provides a matte finish to the face so that you don’t need to use any further product on top of it.

Do you use Lacto Calamine?


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155 thoughts on “15 Uses And Benefits Of Lacto Calamine”

  1. I love lacto calamine products…since the day I was born, i saw Lacto Calamine has been around…my mother used to loveeeeeeeee it so much..so did i….

    1. Yes Madhubani..most of us have seen this lotion around..!
      You were missed here girl…especially after that CS haul..! πŸ˜‰ :-p

      1. ohh…i cant tell u how bee busy was I these last two months…Master final semester assignments, other work pressures..and the never ending exams…!!!!!!!

        1. Prasanta Kumar Banerjee

          Lactocalamine brings magic to our skin whatever type or problem it may be. It saved from severe skin ailment 40 years back within a couple of days.

  2. i too use it in winters.my doctor father permits me to use only this product. he says that LC has calamine in it which is medically beneficial for skin.

      1. I never used this product though I could c on my mama’s table while going Colg I c every morning but I dont apply thinking tht if I use will my face become dull or some other.. I start imagining my face lol how it could be good/bad

  3. Wow such a nostalgic feel Iam having after reading this post. Was using LC back in my college days..will definetly get a bottle now. Never knew there are so many varied use of this magic potion. As always great write-up and beautiful+detailed presentation :-*

  4. Yes Ruhee..it reminds me of my scooty rides back from college and on the way use to pick this lotion as I didn’t used any other lotion those days.!! you got me down the memory lane sweety..! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. yes yaar I was also a proud owner of Dark green colored Scooty those days….my most prized possession….gone are the days no…I enjoyed chaat and paani puris without even a second thought…and my weight was also like never crossed that 48 kgs mark back then..it is the thing which i miss the most πŸ™ now a dayswhat to talk about food?even every single breath i take add sum thing to my ever increasing wt πŸ˜€

      1. true ruhee..I had a silver sccoty..and I started driving it in my 9th standard only..! Completed my PG with that beauty (my scooty :-p)
        even my weight increased after marriage but I still managed to be in the weight measures according to my height..:) as I was underweight b4 marriage..hehe πŸ˜‰
        those days we never worried about weight and all..
        now we have become more conscious about food and its affects on beauty & health πŸ˜‰ :-p

  5. I so love this product. i have been using since 2007 and still is on. i have combination of oily & dry skin. and an avid user of Purple LACTO CALAMINE.. i think i vl take only lacto calamine cream as a dowry in my wedding.. heeeeh πŸ˜€

    1. after applying lc my pimples dry..dats gud for meh….BT d prblm is my face feels driness…wt to do..which lc is gud for me….

      1. I too observed the same.. I apply my face moisturiser first and then Lacto … Works very well for me πŸ™‚

  6. I love this product .. I’ve started using it since a year and in love with it !!! I apply it after moisturizing my face with another cream as it alone dries up my skin… But sole purpose of it is to keep those nasty acnes at bay !! And yes, as a bonus it brightened my face πŸ˜‰

  7. I have got lots ofpigmentations on my face and neck after delivery. Its awful my face looks horrible with this black mask. I tried BB creams ..scrubs …nothing works….do you think LC will work? I have oily skin and a very sensitive one too !”

    Please do reply and help me …..mail me if you please !! Great article though !

  8. This is not a lotion, it is a magic potion. I have seen it work wonders on my mother who is a cancer patient. Radiation therapy had burnt her face and neck and she was suffering deep blisters and severs burns on face and neck. Doctor did not allow me to put anything on the wounds (not even boroline) he said just apply a thick coat of LactoCalamine. I was worried for my mom as to how a cosmetic would cure her burns. But I was so wrong, about one and a half weeks of application and the wounds magically disappeared leaving behind a super soft baby sking with improved texture and colour. LC is my fav beauty product now and is a permanent in my pouch, too. Use it to believe it.

  9. I have used lacto calamine lotion from the age of 16. A company called Crookes used to supply it, then it went to a German company. For some years now I haven’t been able to purchase it over the counter in European countries??? Instead I order directly from India. However, now living in Spain and having received my parcels here, this time it was kept in Madrid and I believe they have now returned it to the Emporium. I did everything they asked re identification, copy of the invoice so no idea what has gone wrong. I am lost without it having used it for some 54 years now….

  10. Cn i use tis loution…in my hand nd leg feet…bez i got sunbun..in my hand nd leg feet…so any one cn rply me…wt i do..??
    Nd tis summer seasn…which one i ill use…green or pink…lc loution…???

  11. I got a severe reaction of night cream and have stopped using that product and applying calamine everyday at night. i got some acne and severe scars on my cheek. My wedding is in 4 months will the marks go away if i continue to use it at night??

  12. SO grateful to have found this product it saved my skin from acne… Absolutely in love with it, I use it daily after washing my face as I don’t wear makeup at all unless I am going somewhere special.

  13. Experience of using this lotion is good. but it doesn’t helps in reducing scars.

    I have used Lacto Calamine lotion green – Oil control with Kaolin & Aloe Vera then I came across other green – Hydration with Kaolin & Aloe Vera & used that also, but I found that both are same . I compared their ingredients n those were also exactly same so I am confused and thinking that if everything is same in it then on what basis they have presented it as for Oil Control or for Hydration.

  14. hii dear i just want to know that LC makes skin fair too or not bcs i ma using it since last week …

    pls reply me too.

  15. Can we use lacto calamine as moisturizer for oily skin? I have Air India interview in the next coming days, am so confused

  16. Doctor recommended me lactocalamine wn I had injury on my face wn I met with an accident in 2nd class ….it really wonders …my all marks had gone that time by using lactocalamine …I m 22 yrs of age πŸ™‚

  17. i use lacto calamine lotion on my fiance, she had little bit of scars and mark, so we read your article and decided to give it a go. And it’s really amazing result. She is so happy. And so am i

    1. Yes Adi it is very useful. My brother also had chicken pox and doctors recommended him to use lacto calamine. And it really helps.

      1. I’m also having chicken pox right now, and doctor has suggested me to apply lacto calamine lotion on the scabs. Still waiting to see how it works!

  18. It is an amazing product no doubt. But Pls can anyone suggest me a good sunblock or sunscreen to use with lacto calamine?

    1. You can use Neutrogena Sun Block SPF 50 and if you love organic products, Biotique is a good option. Lotus matte Gel Sunscreen is also another option!

  19. I hv blk blemshes on both the cheeks .vl lactocalamin help .i hv oily skin ,also suggest how to apply n brand also.blemishes are from 5_7 yrs

  20. Did is d only product DAT I’m using on my face as well body fr past 4 years and I have no skin problems like I did before…. All tym favourite:)

    1. Hi Mamatha..it is very gentle and medicated but might not suit young kids…i would say you can use it on kids above 10years of age!

  21. Hi
    How can I use it with sunscreen??
    Should I mix it with sunscreen or apply it first and then put sunscreen?? Please guide

  22. Hiiii…..Ò˜º
    I use panderm plus from last one year and its get bad side effects on my face …..
    So can i use it ?

  23. Thanks for the given me good info and I have a question How to protect face after stopped that cream? … please kindly suggest me that treatment in which my dark circles don’t reoccur

  24. Can it act as a sunscreen I’m using it with my acne treatment,at night i use tretinoin and kojic acid palmitate depigmentation cream with calamine in morning as a moisturizer!elaborate on sunscreen effects of lc

  25. May I use another cream same time that means in morning lactocalamine and in night ( clindamycim & benzyl peroxide)gel

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