Unseen Pics Of Neemraana Fort India & My Experience

neemrana palce rooms fort

Unseen Pics Of Neemraana Fort India

Hi Everyone!

In my last post I told you about my planned weekend trip and finally I am back and this time I have been nice and took some photos and video clips to share with the readers here. Those who follow me on snapchat must be getting the live doze as well from there. My ID – Wiseshemakeup and isnta ID – Anamikasureka.

Neemraana is around 150 km and I had been thinking to visit the place since long but most of the time its fully occupied. This time we got lucky and booked our room and best part is that it was pretty near from my place. Weather was pleasant and it took us just two hours to reach there.Thanks to the super fast Gurgaon -Jaipur highway and the cool breeze made things even better.

When I reached the place I didn’t feel pretty royal because of all the houses and flat which has surrounded the fort. You kind of lose that beauty its same like Mawati trying to get the construction work near Tajmahal. Place does leave its charm for sure.Moreover Fort itself was having consutruction going on.They are building lift system so that one does not have to walk that much in the fort.

neemraana weekend trip review

The Entrance

There are large staircases in the fort which is definitely not easy to climb and takes some time to get use to it. If you are someone who suffer from knee problem or you have old people along with you then just SKIP this place. Its not meant for you. You really have to walk and walk and chances of getting lost in the fort are pretty high.

neem rana hotel india

What I really liked about this fort is how they have tried to maintain the old charm of this place. They have lot of photographs of the place in 1914 A.D where it was almost in ruins and how they transformed it. Seriously! it was really in bad phase and no one would think of touching it. I did some research which I like to do when I am travelling. I always try to know the history of the place, population, source of livelihood etc. This fort was purchased in just 7 lakh and now it must be a property in crores. This is how fate change one just has to dream.

neemrana palce rooms fort

Amazing Property

Fort is really big and has rooms in various categories starting from INR 8000 to 24,000. It also has two swimming pools and I swam for two days consecutively. I completely loved swimming there. Its better you take your swimming costume along or else purchase it from the reception which by the way is too far to walk.

Fort has two swimming pool and the other swimming is deeper than the one shown below. Both swimming pool are open for those who come to stay there and for those who just come for lunch or a day out.

swimming pool neemraana

People do come for a day out but fort actually looks its best at night so my advise will be to actually stay in the fort. It looks marvelous at night. Moreover, lunch in afternoon is not that great and there is so much rush that on the first day we didn’t even get to find a place to sit and food was like everywhere. I had pretty bad impression initially but at night when all the day visitor were gone it looked beautiful, calm and food was good too. There was candle light dinner and care was taken of hygiene and mosquitoes otherwise most of the time in hotels I end up just scratching myself in candle light dinners.

Neemrana delhi to gurgaon


We stayed in Francisi Mahal which had two beds and was pretty spacious but guess what there is no TV and no hair dryer which I really missed especially after coming from swimming. Wi-fi was also of average quality but as I was in NCR i didn’t mind that. Other than that although room are of good cost but I didn’t find that WOW factor in it. Wow factor was actually outside the room in the fort. I and my friend was actually imagining all the rajkumaris who would come, sit and take bath in the kund. What life it would have been. They would have never thought that someday guest will be sleeping in their room everyday.

neemraana india beauty blog

Our room had this little vintage mirror table which I really liked. Felt like having something similar in my home .

neem raana hotel room

Below is the deep pool. Kids are strictly prohibited here and its really beautiful. I missed swimming here as I got to visit this property the last day. The property is so huge that you need 2-3 hours to visit it completely.

deep swimming pool neem raana

Neemraana activities

In the evening there was this Rajasthani folk dance which I have seen number of times.I enjoyed the tea more with hot pakoras. Good thing about the place is that no one says anything to anyone.You can visit any corner, swim anytime and take the food inside your room in any quantity you want.They just let you be free .

Also 600m above there is zipping activity in INR 1750 which is pretty cheap and it was thrilling and awesome fun. If you are adventurous sort then you must not miss out on this.

folk dance neemraana

Kids also have lot of things to do there. There is kid activity room and then there is a TV room which is the only place which you can find TV and then there is Table tennis and board games as well. As we were two families it was fun catching up on this sports after long.

We had to discover all these places ourself. Its really a task to keep this place organized. I seriously believe that management has to put real effort in doing all the thing. A person like me who has good stamina would get tired in half an hour imagine how much staff must be walking in the fort.

anvika neemraana

Look how pretty the pool looks at night..Hubs just loved to sit here and read books that was his favourite pass time there.

neemraana experience india

Perfect Getaway

And I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my munchkin as she is soon going to start school and I have never stayed this away from her. Kids grow up so fast and when they are young you wish to grow them fast and when they grow up you miss their younger self. I guess that’s life.

wiseshe neem raana

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10 thoughts on “Unseen Pics Of Neemraana Fort India & My Experience”

  1. lovely pics Ana, baby Ana is so cute. I like when Hubs can be busy with books all day πŸ˜‰ I get chill time rather than looking after a baby! πŸ˜›

    1. lol lol ! …He was actually handling the baby and himself along with book reading while i was dipping myself into the pool πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely pics.I havr been to Neemrana fort once but for a day out,I seriously want to go there for a weekend and experience how it is to live in a fort/palace.Great post.

  3. Thanks..oh yes! to get the best out of the place its better to stay because property looks amazing at night πŸ™‚ Are you from Delhi /NCR only?

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