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hamdard rogan badam shirin

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skin care from almonds

Remember when our mommies used to feed us those almonds to make our brains stronger or our “naani” and “daadi” used to apply almond oil to our hair? Yes, Almond oil is probably one of those miracle products in our life which can solve some of our really basic yet chronic problems. It can work both externally and internally to give the desired result. Many brands nowadays have come up with their own variants of Almond Oil like Dabur and Patanjali but as we say Old is Gold. Badam Rogan Shirin is one such product I am using since my childhood days and I am quite addicted to it now. And when Wiseshe told me to pen down (or type down. 😛 ) 10 uses of Badam Rogan Shirin, I was hell excited. So dig in if you want to know what are my Top 10 Uses of Rogan Badam Shirin!

hamdard rogan badam shirin

Top 10 Uses of Rogan Badam Shinin:

  • As a hair oil

badam oil for hair

We all know how almond oil is beneficial for our hair. It prevents hair loss, helps in regrowth, helps to make hair soft, shiny and black, helps to prevent dandruff and what not! You name it and you have the benefit from this miracle oil. Read Best Hair Oils To Relieve Dandruff & Itchy Scalp

  • As a night cream

night skincare almond oil

If you want to use something really natural as your night cream, go for almond oil. Almond oil helps to stimulate blood circulation and also gives nourishment to the skin. It helps to make skin soft and blemish free. Almond oil has skin rejuvenating and regenerating properties that help to give skin the even tone and complexion it needs.

  • To stimulate brain functions

How to Get Great Skin: Beauty Tips from Women with Healthy Skin

Remember those words “Beta badaam khao, dimag accha rahega?” (Child, have almonds! Your brain will work better – for all our international readers.  😀 ) Almonds have loads of nutrients that help to stimulate brain functions and help the brain to work better. It also improves memory when consumed religiously.

  • In DIY under eye gel


Chemical-free under eye gels/creams are really expensive for some people but when you can prepare your own at home, why buy it? To prepare under eye gel, mix Aloe Vera and Almond oil in equal amounts and mix it well. Almond Oil helps to smoothen the under eye area and also helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

  • For making lips smooth

badam oil for lips

Worried about dry and chapped lips in winters? Well, you have a solution at your own home. Apply Almond oil on your lips every night before going to bed and in the morning see soft and smooth lips. It can also be used in lip exfoliation by preparing a lip scrub by mixing granulated sugar with it. You can also apply Almond Oil into your bellybutton to have soft and smooth lips. (Old Indian technique that really works)

  • As a cuticle oil

use good cuticle cream

Cuticle oils are hell expensive but we need them to combat the dryness around those parts. Moreover, cuticle oils help to keep our nails healthy and strong. A mixture of Almond and Olive Oil is a great homemade cuticle oil that can work wonders.

  • For lashes/eyebrows


If you are looking for a good oil that will give you beautiful lashes and eyebrows, then you can consider Almond Oil. Other than Castor oil, this oil can help to regrow your eyebrows and eyelashes and also give you that beautiful soft feeling.

  • For pimples

badam shirin for pimples

Pimples can make you go something like the picture, right?  😛 Same for me! Yes, I have dry skin but pimples do pop up here and there whenever they feel like. Applying Lemon Juice with Almond oil on the affected area as spot treatment help to cure a pimple and also remove the spots.

  • For Dry Skin Patches

dry skin care

Dry skin people always look out for some good and deep moisturisation product for their skin (including me!) and most of the times, mere lotions don’t work for us. Then almond oil comes to rescue! Almond oil, loaded with vitamins and minerals deep penetrate into the skin and make skin soft and supple.

  • For cracked heels

badam shirin for cracked heels

Cracked heels is an issue that many of us face all year round and we spend bucks on buying expensive foot creams. But not anymore! Almond oil can help to remove cracked heels and make feet smooth and soft. You can also use this as your daily foot massage oil.

So that’s all folks! Hope you have enjoyed reading.

You can also see this video on DIY Hair Growth Oil


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