10 Round Mehendi Designs For Diwali

10 Round Mehendi Designs For Diwali

The celebration of Indian festivals is incomplete without traditional decorations whether its your home or your body. Mehendi is a much loved way to adorn hands, feet and shoulders etc. in Indian style. Round mehendi designs are probably the most loved as they look really beautiful. If you are also looking for some inspiration for mehendi designs, choose from our picks of Round Mehendi Designs For Diwali-

diwali round mehendi designs

Such basic round designs look really good and are quite popular. Place a coin on the centre of your palm, use it as a guideline to make inner circle for this design if you are not sure of making the perfect round in one go.

round mehendi designs for festivals

This is more elaborate. The design is based on circles but it has been extended so well to fill the whole palm.

beautiful round mehendi designs for diwali

A quick and easy design for back of hand. It has made use of thick lines so you can just cut the tip of mehndi cone to get thick lines in one go.

Floral Designs

round mehendi designs indian festivals

This is an experimental take on round mehndi designs. I have tried it on my hands and it turned out lovely. I highly recommend this one to adorn your hands with a new look.

festive round mehendi designs

I call this beehive design for some reason unknown to me as well. Such patterns get done in a jiffy if you can concentrate well.

easy round mehendi designs for diwali (8)

This is a shaded pattern. Black mehendi has been used to outline the design and the insides are not filled with solid color. Making shaded designs need a little practice but once you perfect it, you can create it quickly.

best round mehendi designs for diwal

Such sunflower style patterns are also quite popular in round mehendi designs. This is a geometrical kind of design with minimal look.

round mehendi designs 2015

A beautiful idea for black mehendi fans. Use of solid colors has made the design stand out so well. You can make it look more festive with the use of glitter and rhinestones.

round mehendi designs for diwali

This design makes use of not only circle but some other patterns as well. Its a good choice for those who don’t like the blank space left on hand when you make a small circle.

round mehendi designs

And this is round mehendi design that you can make on shoulders, tummy, neck or back. This way you go traditional with henna and modern with the tattoo like feel.

Which of these Round Mehendi Designs For Diwali did you like the most?


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