10 Celebrities Who Have Never Gone For Plastic Surgery

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10 Celebrities who have never gone for Plastic Surgery

Bollywood actresses are an epitome of Indian beauty and are liked all over the world for their unique looks. People too want to see beautiful faces as they are inspired from their favorite actresses. Today there in an obsession to look good and pretty in people and there is no wrong in it. But what if the obsession turns to your worst nightmare, there is a need to find the balance and know the limit of overdoing anything of that sort.

Actresses have been associated with cosmetic surgery innumerable times and the trend is continuing till today in spite of the bad effects of cosmetic surgery.

Here is a list of ten celebrities who have maintained their natural look and have never altered with any feature of their body and are naturally beautiful.

Sonali Bendre

She is a popular actress of the nineties and has won millions of heart with her beauty and acting skills. She is a natural beauty and owes nothing to plastic surgery for enhancing her looks. You may have noticed the different phases of her looks after her marriage and children but nothing seem to bother this damsel to agree to go under the knife. And now it looks like she doesn’t need it at all.

sonali bendre

Raveena Tandon

Another actress who made it big on the big screen is Raveena Tandon and she is seen aging gracefully and still looks ravishing and beautiful. She was never shy to present her real self before the camera and never took any cosmetic procedure to look good.  Being a mother of two, she definitely needs to be applauded for the amazing figure and sculpted look she has maintained over all these years.

raveena tandon

Sonam Kapoor

She is the perfect face of the Indian Red Carpet. She has the looks and style quotient of a Diva and her sense of fashion is impeccable. She is also very natural in her looks and never been under the knife for cosmetic surgery. She is a perfect example of stars that went from fat to fabulous.

sonam kapoor natural beauty

Chitrangada Singh

Another beautiful actress to be in the league to non-plastic stars is Chitrangada Singh. She has evolved her fashion sense and achieved a fitness which is astonishing for age and considering the fact that she is a mother too. She is a tough competition for the young generation actresses as she is really looking gorgeous these days without any help from cosmetic surgeons.

chitrangandasingh no plasticsurgery

Parineeti Chopra

The lovely-bubbly girl and chirpy actress of this generation is undoubtedly Parineeti Chopra. She was comparatively healthier in her initial phases and has lost weight since then and looks ravishing these days without the cosmetic procedures. Apart from the weight she had I don’t think she ever needs to undergo any cosmetic surgery in the coming years.

parineeti choopra beauty without plastic surgery

Genelia D’souza

The cute actress is another entrant to the list of celebrities who didn’t go under the knife to improve their looks. She is a popular of Bollywood and has appeared in a number of movies of Southern Cinema. The hundred watt smile and the speaking eyes are the biggest attractions in her personality and she has maintained those features by staying away from any surgery.

Genelia D'Souza real beauty

Shraddha Kapoor

This newbie is surely a natural beauty when it comes to the innocent face and girl-next door image which we are obsessed with from time immemorial. She is also one of those actresses who have not undergone cosmetic treatment and looks beautiful in the most natural way.

Shraddha Kapoor beauty features

Alia Bhatt

The youngest actress to join this league and probably who doesn’t need to enhance any feature of her face or body is the super cute and girly actress Alia Bhatt. She is still in her raw form and has unpolished features but that is what makes her look so pretty because a beauty without any alterations is the real one.


Yami Gautam

This television actor got lots of applause in her first movie itself and was liked by many people for the freshness and naturalist beauty she carries with herself. She has been praised for her acting skills as well as the red carpet looks which she adorns perfectly.

yami gautam

Neha Sharma

Another beautiful actress of the recent times is Neha Sharma and she was noticed for her looks in the first movie itself. It may be a fact that she has lost weight since then but she has never done anything which relates to the cosmetic procedures which bollywood actresses swear to go through every now and then.

neha sharma plastic surgery

What do you think about these bollywood beauties?

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51 thoughts on “10 Celebrities Who Have Never Gone For Plastic Surgery”

      1. Bollywood Insider

        Deepika has sculpted her face drastically. If you closely look at her 1st film and the recent ones, you will know the difference. Besides her face is now very edgy which cannot be attained naturally. And her lips look weird now, like they can’t stretch as much.
        *Bollywood insider* 😛

        Sonam has done before coming to this industry thus nobody is really aware of it.

        Alia has got nose job done again before coming to this industry.

  1. Even Juhi Chawla could have made it to this list but for her nose job which was a constant speculation, I didn’t add her..!

  2. Yes..but at an event she accepted to go to a cosmetic surgeon in teenage days..but denied going under the knife…that was obviously false claim as the pictures clearly show the scar left after nose job..

  3. I really hope these women don’t do anything to their faces. They are really pretty the way they are.
    I was so sad when I noticed the difference in Anushka Sharma’s lips. She looked soo pretty. Now her lips look really weird.

  4. Yami gautam is my personal fav.i wud add soha ali khan to the list..i have met her personally when she was sans makeup..my God!! Her skin is flawless..<3

    1. Yes Vandana…Soha looks really pretty but has got a nose job done…and she looks even more gorgeous after surgery.. 🙂

  5. I think most Bollywood actresses go in for cosmetic surgery mostly to beat signs of aging. The fact that most of the actresses featured in this article are part of the younger crop of actresses does seem to back my assumption .

    1. Agree Nivanya…But we have a long list of young actresses too who have undergone cosmetic procedures Priyanka (nose & lips), Anushka(lips), Shilpa( nose),Kangana( lips), Katreena (lips) all of them were in their late 20’s when they opt for it…

  6. Atishi Agrawal

    Every actress has something special like:
    Loveliest- Sonali Bendre, Hottest- Raveena Tandon, Ever Smiling- Sonam Kapoor, Sexiest- Chitrangada Singh, Chirpy- Parineeti Chopra, Cutest- Genelia D’souza, Sweetest- Shraddha Kapoor, Cheerful- Alia Bhatt, Prettiest- Yami Gautam

  7. Sorry guys, had to say something. I don’t know who made this post but almost all of these actresses have had surgery. Chitrangada Singh is one of the most sexy women in bollywood and had many sugeries, you can clearly see in before and after pictures, nose, lips are the most noticeable. Like bollywood insider said some got it done before making their debut which is a smart way. Actresses like Shraddah Kapoor, you can notice even difference in luv ka the end and ek Villain. Her nose, lips and almost all of them get skin lightening which I think is unfortunate in some cases because dark skin is also beautiful . None the less all of them are beautiful and I am not against surgery at all. Most of their surgeries were done well and suit them. But just saying it’s not all “Natural”. I think their is no shame in admitting if you had work done, but most of them don’t and hence young girls hold themselves up to these impossible standards of beauty which are not real. In USA now they are forcing a law that will demand photoshopped pictures to state they are retouched so our younger generation will not have low self esteem and low self confidence from all this.

  8. Shraddha has got a lip surgery…closely observe her in the movie’ luv ka the end’
    Now her lip are fuller than before and even chitrangada she isn’t an inch of her wt she used to look in hazaron khwaishein days…Although the surgery has only enhanced their beauty

  9. I think Juhi shud be added to the list as number one and chitrangada should be removed as she definitely did the lip enhancements. Alia bhatt doubtful and even Neha sharma as her features seems to have been perfectly sculpted. I dont think anty natural thing can be so perfect and there lies the beauty of a natural thing that even it is not perfect, it still looks beautiful.
    Eg: an artificial rose and a natural rose

  10. OOOH goosh aishwarya is natural beauty she never done any cosmetic procedures and she has unique sulculpted face in whole bollywood… and alia she has nothing perfect except nose shhe has mouse like eyes and yami she is just fair and genelia she has ordinary looks ravina tandon her face changed …. and parineeti she always carry fat along her cheeks arm and stomach .. sonam kapoor she is overconfident and shraddha kapoor has very tiny lips and only perfect face is chitrangada and aishwarya only and madhuri dixit ..Iam going and trying to say that aishwarya and other beauty queens who did not did any plastic surgery procedure your trying to say that they are plastic get hell all those actresses who does not have any special to show it offfff.

  11. no deepika padukone in there despite being naturally beautiful and for ur kind info….chitragandha, neha, shraddha have all got lip surgery……there lips are not natural……barrin them others are all right

  12. Lairsssss…..sharadha had lots of surgery ….see her pics from her debut f ilm teen patii thenn see her in ashqui and other film then u will got to know…..ka she went for surgery or not

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