10 Best Under-Arm Whitening Products


10 Best Under-Arm Whitening Products

Come summers, and we all want to hop in to our sleeveless summer dresses and tank tops, don’t we? But at times we tend to forget that our body is like the map of India, its diverse! Ok, so maybe that was not the most logical symbolism for our bodies, but you got the idea right? Our body is sensitive, agreed, but there are certain areas of our body which are a tad bit more prone to sensitivity issues; underarms, sadly being one of those. 10 Remedies To Whiten Dark Underarms

Yes, these mostly neglected parts of our bodies deserve a little more care. Regular courses of shaving, accumulation of dead skin cells due to lack of exfoliation, continued exposure to sun without any SPF protection, are the prominent reasons for the irregular darkening of the underarms, to name a bare few. Dark Underarms Causes & Creams In India

Below I would like to share with you the till-date, some of the most efficient products available for lightening underarms in the market. The placement on the list is random, not based on any preferences.

Garnier Mineral Light Extra Whitening Roll On Deo

Garnier Light Extra Whitening Deodorant

Garnier has had a legacy of creating some fantastic products when it comes to skin care and beauty. And this little baby is one such product which has been moving on the top of the charts, with its huge roll-on head held high, due to amazing results it has been showing. It absorbs odors for good 5-6 hours and gradually lightens the dark under arms; what more can we ask for? The best part, Garnier took the effort to keep this roll-on deo 100% alcohol free, so it is the perfect solution even for the most sensitive skins.

Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel

What if I told you that you could get the added goodness of Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Glycerin, Citric acid and Liquorices extract, all whipped up in a gel base? Yes, that is what this XTREME BRITE brightening gel precisely is. With all the above mentioned ingredients being the hot-shots of skin care, need I say anything more?

Nivea Whitening Roll-On Deodorant

Nivea Whitening Deodorant Roll on

Yet another whitening product from the house of NIVEA, a holy-grail skin care range when it comes to Indian skin. Specifically meant to target the problematic dark under-arm area, this roll on deodorant is enriched with licorice extracts and the goodness of witch hazel. Along with lightening the under-arms, the witch hazel present in the deodorant also soothes the sun-exposed sun tan.

Meladerm Hyper-pigmentation Cream


This little miracle potion is dermatologically approved to treat hyper pigmentation in under arm areas and other problematic parts of the body. What makes this product totally different from the rest of the products from others is the fact that it does not use HYDROQUINONE, which is one of the most extensively used ingredient in almost all lightening and whitening products. But as of lately there have been suspicions of hydroquinone to be a cancer causing agent, and this products seem safer in midst of such suspicions. Above all, it is totally paraben-free, a win-win for me at least. This is one of the most efficient creams in the market.

Rexona Skin Light Deodorant

Rexona Skin Light deodorant

Rexona reminds me so much of childhood, after all rexona used be a huge-deal back then. Soaps, deodorants, what not? And they smelled equally amazing. I do not about the others, but this little baby from rexona has still been able to make its presence felt in the market due to its high success rates. I personally love it, and would highly recommend it.

Dove Whitening Silk Dry Deodorant

Dove Whitening Silk Dry Deodorant

Specifically formulated to deal extensively darkened under-arm skin, Dove whitening silk dry deodorant is a steal for its price, quantity and the quality offered. Plus, it does not leave those unsightly deodorant marks or white cast-offs most roll on deodorants leave behind after a few hours of application.

Relumins Advance White Underarm and Thigh Cream

Underarms and inner thighs, two areas which have to face darkening incessantly; and one product to treat them oh-so-efficiently. Do we need to ask for more? This cream contains arbutin extracts and has intensive whitening properties which are highly penetrative and yields long-term effects as it targets the melanin composition of the area of application.

Nature Republic Arm – Pit Wash and Whitening Cream Set

This wash and cream set from the magical Korean company NATURE REPUBLIC is indeed miraculous. Korean skin care products are famous world-wide for its extensive skin care range, and this one is no less when it comes to delivering desired results. The wash has tiny granulated beads which are smooth enough but have the potency to slough off any dead skin cells. Follow up the wash with the whitening cream and make it a nightly ritual. Results are bound to follow.

Hydroquinone Creams

Hydroquinone Creams

I know I issued a disclaimer against hydroquinone, but there is a reason behind its extensive use in almost all whitening products. It delivers results in a sure-shot manner. There are a few creams in the market which use 2% or less percentage of hydroquinone, which I believe, if you are ready to take a chance, can be safe if used sparingly.

Homemade Whitening Scrubs and Packs

gram flour

Skin lightening can be handled easily even at home, but the key with these products is consistency. Whip up a quick scrub by using just two products, olive or coconut oil and baking powder. Exfoliate the under arm skin with this next-to-miraculous scrub and follow up with a homemade under arm pack; made up of gram flour (besan), lemon juice, turmeric powder and a little curd (due to its lactic ac id, it sloughs off dead skin smoothly but efficiently). Another thing you can do is, use a sliced lemon on your under arms regularly, but do not forget to moisturize the skin afterwards as lemon tends to dry out the skin pretty fast. 5 Ways To Get id Of Dark Underarms

So these were some of the products which you can use to lighten your under-arms without risking any further darkening.

Have you used any of these under-arm whitening products before?


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