10 Best Tan Removal Soaps Available in India

tan removal

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tan removal

Summer is here and guess what, it has come with its best friend. And you guessed it right – Tanning! Tanning and Summer go hand-in-hand and you just can’t avoid tanning in spite of all the precautions we take. We apply sunscreen, anti-tan scrub, an anti tan mask to our face and hope to be free from this tanning this season. But did you notice I only told about the face and not the body? Our body gets as much tan as our face and even more, as we don’t take proper care of our body. There are only a few people out there who apply body sunscreen in the same proportion as for face. Read 10 Popular De-Tanning Products

de tanning tips

Moreover, sleeveless clothes, shorts and summer dresses expose our body a lot more than winter garments, resulting in tanning problem. So we must find a proper solution for this tanning issue but applying tonnes of product is a mess especially when we have so less amount of time in our daily life. But worry not! This post is all about how to get rid of body tan with just a simple day to day product and that is none other than soap. Yes, you heard it right! This post is all about Top 10 Tan Removal Soap that is available in the market. Scroll down! Read 5 Tan Removal Packs For Hands

tan removal

Top 10 Tan Removal Soaps in India:

Lacto Tan Clear Soap:

Price– INR 45 for 75 gm.

Nature Essence Lacto Tan clear remedy for sun tan removal review

Nature’s Tan removal Soap is perhaps the most popular in the market due to it tan removal properties. This will make skin look tan free and fair. This is an affordable soap that will give you instant light skin after removing tan. Just wash your body with this and apply the lacto tan clear pack if needed.

Kama Ayurveda Turmeric And Myrrh Skin Brightening Soap:

Price- INR 470 for 125 gm

kama ayurveda turmeric and myrrh skin brightening soap

Kama Ayurveda Turmeric and Myrrh Skin Brightening soap is a 90% ayurvedic face and body brightening soap with Turmeric and Myrrh that lightens and brightens skin. It reduces pigmentation and has extra virgin coconut oil and beeswax to lightly moisturise skin. This soap also repairs sun damage and heals skin from acne and pimples.

VLCC Insta Glow Fairness Soap:

Price- INR 85 for 125 gm.

VLCC Basil & Mulberry Insta Glow Fairness Natural Bathing Bar Review+soap bath

This natural soap from VLCC is enriched with Basil, Mulberry and Almond extracts that help to remove tan, whiten skin tone along with removing dryness from the skin. This soap has moisture-retaining properties that help to make skin visibly brighter and less prone to tanning and dark spots. 5 Ways To Deal With Dark And Patchy Underarms

Shahnaz Hussain Shafair Fairness Soap:

Price- INR 250 for 100 gm.

shahnaz hussain shafair fairness soap

Shahnaz Husain is one of the cruelty-free brands that is one of the signatories of Peta. This makes it one of my go-to brands when I am looking for something good for my skin. And when Shahnaz Husain has a fairness soap to get rid of tan, why will the cruelty-free members look beyond? This soap cleanses, nourishes skin and imparts a glow and fairness to the skin. 10 Shahnaz Husain Beauty Tips

Oriflame Essentials Fairness Soap:

Price- INR 99 for 100gm.

oriflame fairness soap

Oriflame is a brand that is always producing some great products for the skin. This cream based soap is perfect for all year round and helps to lighten complexion making skin look whiter, brighter and tan free.

Lotus Herbals Liquorice Skin Whitening Cleanser:

Price- INR 70

lotus herbals skin whitening soap

Lotus Herbals is a natural brand that is always producing some great products. This soap reduces melanin production and whitens skin tone along with Manjistha and Liquorice. This soap helps to remove tan effectively.

Forest Essentials Luxury Butter Soap:

Price- INR  750 for 100 gm.

forest essentials butter soap

This is a luxurious option when it comes to soap as this comes from the Luxury Ayurveda Brand Forest Essentials. This butter soap has cow’s milk in it along with Saffron and Honey. Being a completely natural soap, this imparts fairness and glow to the skin and removes tan at the same time. If you are ready to spend some money on a great soap, go for it!

Vaadi Herbals Saffron Soap:

Price- INR  38 for 75 gm.

vaadi herbals saffron soap

Vaadi is a very affordable brand that produces some really good products. This soap has saffron and goat milk for that extra radiance and glow. Saffron is known to impart fairness and a very beautiful glow to the skin and goat milk provide intense moisturisation. And when you get these two at such an affordable rate, who can deny it?

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Soap:

Price- INR  90 for 150 gm.

biotique morning nectar soap

Biotique is an organically pure brand that claims to be preservative free. The Bio Morning Nectar Soap is among their Morning Nectar range that claims to give skin whitening benefits. This soap has all natural ingredients with zero chemicals to make skin white, clean and bright.

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap:

Price- INR 320 for 135 gm.

kojie skin lightening soap

It is one of those soaps that work wonders within a certain amount of time. This soap is an “Acid Soap” which can scare anyone but when you will use it, it will clear out all the dark spots and pigmentation and leave skin fresh and clear from tan. This Japanese origin soap can lighten dark areas of the body and make them look visibly brighter and fairer.

You can watch this video on Fairness Gel:


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