10 Best and Long Lasting Soaps in India

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10 Best and Long Lasting Soaps in India

Body washes are luxurious but most girls don’t use them daily as they are time taking. Soaps are quick and easy to use on a regular basis. Many soaps have a tendency to melt quickly

and hence lead to a lot of wastage. If you like soaps the try these as they are long lasting and do their job well-

Yardley London Red Roses Luxury Soap

Price- INR 40.You may get it here.

mild longlasting soap

Scent is elegant and addictive. This is a very mild soap and doesn’t dry out skin. It makes skin feels moisturized and lathers well. The soap is inexpensive and easily available. This doesn’t melt quickly.

VLCC Shea Butter Moisturising Soap

Price- INR 85

soap india lonlasting

It lathers well and rinses off easily without leaving any residue.it does not dry out the skin. Soap bar does not melt away and one bar will last very long.

Khadi Mauri Rose-Sandal Soap

Price- INR 54.You may get it here.

best soaps india

This soap is extremely refreshing, gives you heavenly fragrant body after bath. Does not dry the skin like other medicated or beauty soaps. Lathers very well. It is not very expensive in comparison to other herbal soaps and is long lasting.

The Body Shop Shea Soap

Price- INR 155.You may get it here.

long lasting soap

This long-lasting soap has lovely subtle smell. It does not dry out skin after shower. It comes in a nice, simple clear-plastic packaging. It has no SLS and no Parabens.

Nature Essence Lacto Tan Clear Soap

Price- INR 46

long lasting soap india
The price is quite reasonable. It slowly remove the tan. It has wonderful ingredients like geranium, milk and honey.The smell is very normal soap and pleasant.

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Creamy Soap Bar

Price- INR 59

long lasting best soaps

The soap smells like flowers. This certainly moisturizes the skin and doesn’t make it even a bit dry. This will be good for people with dry skin. The fragrance of the soap will last for at least 1-2 hours after taking a bath. The soap lathers well. It is creamy in texture and lasts long.The price is economical and the packaging is decent. It is not tested on animals

Biotique Basil and Parsley Soap

Price- INR 30.You may get it here.

long lasting soaps

This is totally natural and organic. It has goodness of coconut oil, basil and parsley extracts. This soap coothes sensitive skin. It lathers nicely and doesn’t dry out skin. It keeps skin disease free. It is easily available and is very cheap.

Nyassa Soap Snowflakes

Price- INR 200.You may get it here.

long lasting best soap

The soap loks so fresh and blue. It lathers well and doesn’t leads to extra wastage. A small piece goes for a week. 100 % vegetarian and consists of natural ingredients. This is hand made.

Jergens Mild Soap

Price- INR 40

long lasting best soap

It has mild, soothing fragrance and creamy lather. It leaves skin soft and squeaky clean without stripping away natural moisture. Excellent for those with sensitive skin and soap-allergy. Will suit all skin types and can be used by all ages and hence a family soap. Soap bar doesn’t melt and lasts really long. It has no parabens or sulphates. Reasonably priced for the quality and quantity.

Lush Lust Soap

Price- INR 410

best soaps

It’s long lasting and quite moisturising. Colour of the soap is very attractive. It has relaxing jasmine fragrance and will suit most skin types. The soap lathers well and doesn’t leave any soapy feeling behind.

Have you tried any of these bath soaps?


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10 thoughts on “10 Best and Long Lasting Soaps in India”

  1. I love the milk and honey soap from Oriflame. It smells and feels divine. Yet to try the others one…

  2. Ritika Basotia Duggal

    have tried the yardley and oriflame one… i lyk the oriflame milk and honet soap motre…. infact i quite lyk their milk and honey range….
    are the lush soaps discontinued ???

  3. What a great article dude I love to read this article this article provides me great information about Best Long Lasting Soaps BTW I have been using Biotique Basil and Parsley Soap since 3 months and it works great for me thank you for your such a meaningful information 🙂

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