10 Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Rakshabandhan

beautiful mehndi designs

10 Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is here and is the officical time for mehndi. Though the start of Sawan month marks the beginning of mehndi season, most girls love to wear mehndi on Rakshabandhan.

Everybody wants to look special on this lovely festival so when you are selecting your dress etc., don’t forget to pick a mehndi design as well. To save you from the last minute rush, we have 10 beautiful mehndi designs for this rakshabandhan.

beautiful mehndi designs

This design is simple and needs just some good shading skills. This pattern will look chic on every hand.

beautiful mehndi desighns for rakshabandhan

This is for girls who like intricate patterns but still do not want to look all traditional.

mehndi for rakshabandhan

This is one of favourites. I applied it on Teej this year. It only took half an hour ( I know it may sound like a lot of time of to experts!)

mehndi design for rakshabandhan

Paisley never goes out of mehndi fashion. Try this for some traditional chic.

mehndi designs for rakshabandhan

Floral mehndi designs always look amazing and this is no exception. Though you need a really steady hand for this level of neatness.

beautiful mehndi design for rakshabandhan

This is an arabic mehndi design with a modern twist. Make it on your hands to look unique.

lovely mehndi rakshabandhan

This design will not take much time and will still fill your palm really well. I like this vine design.

latest mehndi designs rakshabandhan

If you like really thick lines and hands full with mehndi, this design will satiate your desire without looking OTT.

lovely mehndi designs rakshabandhan

A flower in the centre and pretty attachments 😛 This pattern is really simple and perfect for minimal look.

latest mehndi rakshabandhan
Black mehndi looks trendy. If you like the style then this is great for adorning your hands. Even if you are not into black mehndi, you can still make this design the usual way.

Which is your favorite design?

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8 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Rakshabandhan”

  1. The mehndi designs here very beautiful… sure my husband will love my hands when I wud put one of the given designs

  2. Black henna is bad. It is hena with black hair dye, ppd or phd something like that and will burn your skin. Check out hennapage.com

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