10 Amazing Benefits of Hibiscus Powder


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Hibiscus can be used by both, so why not address those silent readers too?  😀 Hibiscus plant is a tropical plant that is grown in many parts of the world including South-East Asia including India. This flower has been used for various purposes in all Indian households including some religious as well. Not only this flower looks beautiful outside, it has a whole lot of goodness inside that can cure many of your health and beauty related issues.

And so many brands are into manufacturing hibiscus powder for our day to day use. Sun-dried flowers when ground make a normal powder which can be used instead of original hibiscus and it too has the same kind of health and beauty benefits. So without waiting further, let’s see how this tropial plant as well as it’s powder helps in our lives with its amazing benefits.


Hibiscus for hair loss:

Smoky nude lips eye makeup

Hibiscus powder is a great ingredient to curb hair loss issue when used on a regular basis. This powder can be mixd with henna or even curd to get maximum effects. This powder helps to strengthen roots and make hair stronger and thicker. Using hibiscus oil for hair loss is also effective but powder does the work a little better.

There is also a hair pack made from Hibiscus and Onion that can work wonders for your hair fall issue and help in regrowth of hair. You will need only two ingredients – Hibiscus leaves and Onions.

Take a blender, onion and hibiscus leaves. I have taken 20 hibiscus leaves, 2 onions and some water. Mix it well and apply all over the scalp. Leave on for a good time and rinse with shampoo and conditioner, like usual. You can find the whole video and exact method here:

Hibiscus for premature greying of hair:

grey hair

Premature greying of hair is a problem that many of us suffer and believe me, no shampoo or chemical based hair colour can cure this giant headache. But if we mix hibiscus powder with amla powder mixed with water or curd  and apply all over our scalp and hair, then we can surely curb this issue. Both hibiscus and amla are nature’s gift for thick and long hair.

Hibiscus powder for cold:

cold and sneeze

Did you know hibiscus flower and powder can treat your cold and stop that sneezing? Hibiscus powder and flower is being used since age to cure cough and cold and can be used with honey and ginger. Though I know it is not very good to taste, you want to be healthy, right?

Hibiscus powder for cancer:

Recent researches claimed that hibiscus flower has an enzyme in it that can prevent cancer and also stop its symptoms. Though this is not actually proven, if it is true, surely this will be a miracle plant and flower to mankind.

Hibiscus for dandruff:

neem benefits

Hibiscus powder when mixed with lemon juice or ACV can cure dandruff without over-drying your hair. This is a very good hair mask for nourishment and making hair healthy and strong. It is a well-known medicine to cure dandruff and reduce hairfall.

An anti-ageing agent:


Hibiscus has anti-oxidants which help in cell renewal process and as a result controls ageing and you are all young again!

For acne:

Hibiscus also controls acne and pimples. The presence of Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties controls acne and pimples and as a result you get clear and pimple free skin.

Hibiscus for cholesterol control:

Hibiscus powder when consumed daily controls level of cholesterol. It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol and thereby keeps your health good and you ready to go!

For hair colour:

loreal hair colouring casting creme (2)

Hibiscus is a natural hair colour and when mixed with mehendi or methi daana can give a good and shiny black hair. Hibiscus powder can also used as a hair dye for grey hair and when mixed with coffee powder can give a very dark brown colour which can be really alluring.

For eyebrows:

Are you worried about your not so thick eyebrows? Then you have got a solution for you. Mix coconut oil and hibiscus powder in equal propotions and then add castor oil. Apply this oil all over your eyebrows every night and see the magical difference in 1 month. Hibiscus powder promoted eyebrow growth drastically and so helps to maintain the thick brows you ever wanted.


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3 thoughts on “10 Amazing Benefits of Hibiscus Powder”

  1. My granny always used to tell me about the series of benefits that hibiscus powder can contain. And since childhood I have been using hibiscus powder as a natural scrubber and cleanser. Now I have switched over to the ready made hibiscus powder by BIO Organic that is 100% organic and without any sort of chemicals. Also thanks to your blog that have educated me about the series of benefits by hibiscus powder.

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